For the greater glory sad but true

I just went to see for greater glory movie. Powerful and sad.
It was powerful in the way it showed people with the true Catholic Faith. It showed how it wasn’t Rome or the Bishops or many of the priests actually stood up for the faith.
It was sad because it showed how most (not just in the US but worldwide have become not just CINO but jellyfish catholics.
Here in the US you have Obama thumbing his nose at Religious freedom and our whimped wrist bishops invite him to a fund raiser. These same bishops put the likes of Polusi and Biden in the same class as Paul Ryan and are more concerned that his budget cuts don’t meet their ‘social justice’ standards, yet allow the likes of Biden and Pelusi with their pro-abortion, pro-homosodominates, and pro-euthansia stands to remain catholics in good standing.
And the so-called catholics sit in the pews like blobs of jellyfish.
The complete opposite of the Mexican people who truly valued their sacraments,prayers, Mass.
Just more fruits of Vat2 :(

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