A Way Forward … Why Tradical is writing these annoying articles

Some forum members have been questioning my motivations for writing the articles focused the organizational culture issues surrounding this crisis in the Church.

gpmtrad went as far as to write:
“… You SOUND like a conciliarist ( Achtung! Achtung! Whatever the Vatican II Panzer Korps commands – even if out of the mouth of a heretic! – MUST BE !!! Macht schnell!!! )…:

(I admit that I looked up Macht schnell)

“… Save yourself from years of confusion and instead of using conciliarist jargon and diplo-speak, familiarize yourself with the polemics of St. Jerome and St. John Chrysostum ( especially read his work against the judaizers – men in his day who did EXACTLY the same thing as top Vatican officials have been pulling for decades! ) and get yourself a subscription to Catholic Family News…”

gpmtrad did go on to say “Despite that, I think you’re a gentleman.”

My motivation is simple:
Complaining about what is happening in the Church identifies the evil but does not help in trying to resolve it. Further, what worked in one context (St. Jerome and St. John Chrysostum) will not necessarily work in today’s context (sad but true).

Having a deeper understanding of why a non-traditionalist remains in their state is important. They are not all at the same level. Some intuitively understand that suppressing expressions of the Faith (as the Ukranian Catholic Bishops did by removing the filioque from the creed) is bad. Others are blind to this, and see nothing wrong with receiving Holy Communion in their hands and then placing their hands in their pockets etc. Sacrilege has little or no meaning for some of them. It is a scary warped understanding of the Faith. I wish it were only Protestant but it is a hybrid, of truth and heresy that looks and tastes like Catholicism to non-trads but is laced with poison.

I digress …

Not only am I trying to come to a deeper understanding of the motivations of non-traditionalists in a general sense, I am trying to chart a path that will help us teach them to think like Traditional Catholics – without the bitterness that I have witnessed in some.

This bitterness comes from decades of witnessing and experiencing the worst of atrocities against the Church & Faith by men and women who objectively I would label as traitors. I wish that bitterness on no one, since it is not Catholic, causes blindness and leads a person outside the Church. I’m looking for a way to teach the lessons that traditionalists have learned without teaching them a bitter disregard for authority, without leading them through the formalism and rigorism that existed prior to the illustrious council, without teaching them to hate.

I am looking for a way forward to a truly Catholic future.

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13 comments on “A Way Forward … Why Tradical is writing these annoying articles

  1. It really isn’t possible to discuss a matter with someone unfamiliar with its conceptual basis.

    Tradical, there is NO “nice” way to put things right. Violence has been done and it persists. Folks who react viscerally to distortion, manipulation and rank, seething heresy are actually reacting – as opposed to being pollyannas looking for Mr. Rogers to open up the Vatican door and invite everyone in for a nice little chat in perfectly inflected diplospeak.

    Look, I’m not angry with YOU personally. In fact, I am not angry at all. I am trying to make a point: This is a real war. Real people. Real bad things going on.

    It isn’t Leave It To Beaver.

    The SSPX is NOT the Church. +Fellay is NOT the pope. I don’t even know if he is really interested in a “deal” anymore, or not, ok?

    But – and here is the “core concept” – the SSPX is CRITICAL AS A WEAPON against Modernism. There is nothing else like it on earth, right now. And it is Modernism run amok now running this papacy, its administration and all the dioceses of the whole world! Period!

    So, frank, blunt, tough, hard questions need to be answered about whether or not the SSPX is going to surrended itself as have the FSSP, the ICK, the Scottish group, etc.


    Quick historical lesson, tradical: My second cousin was a USAF general and a real life war hero from WWII ( Pacific ). He became a key aide to Gen. Curtis LeMay. And it was the Soviets’ FEAR of Gen. LeMay ( similar to the Nazi paranoia over Patton ) that DID MORE TO PREVENT WW III than almost anything else. The Sovs were absolutely convinced that LeMay would stop at nothing to find every last one of their rmissile and air bases and nuke them – repeat, STOP AT NOTHING.

    So, tradical, a very tough front, dedicated to no compromise with the defined evils of Modernism is what the SSPX was founded to achieve.

    The rest, as you are obviously gifted enough to figure out, follows from that….

    God bless you, my colleague. I don’t want to see you become just one more statistic.

    • tradical on said:


      Nor am I angry, I’m more than a little confused, do you think I’m pushing for an agreement with compromise?

      1. I agree with the principle that +Fellay followed in working through the discussions for an ‘agreement’ as long as there was no need for compromise. This coincides with the principle that ++Lefebvre followed as noted in the recent post by sspx.org.

      2. Eventually the SSPX will be regularized. I doubt it will occur in this pontificate. It may in the next, almost definitely by the one after that. I am looking at the situation today and in the future (should by the grace of God I live that long).

      “SSPX is CRITICAL”
      Agreed – completely and absolutely. It is like the only brigade that hasn’t been compromised with a plague.
      Moving further into the military domain. The analogy that I would use is this: Which requires more firepower to be effective against a bunker a ‘lay down’ or deep penetrator with delay fuses? The answer is the latter.

      Carrying the analogy to the SSPX/Rome situation. If (big IF) Rome allows for the regularization of the SSPX without compromise, it will be the equivalent of a deep penetrator going off next to a neo-modernist bunker. The shock waves will rip the bunker apart or at least make it in operative.

      The key to making a bunker buster work is the casing – it has to be strong enough to withstand the initial kinetic energy of the impact. In the case of the SSPX that casing would include (but not limited to) a no-compromise regularization.

      Another quick historical lesson. In 1983, when a computer error occurred the Soviet Colonel who was supposed to launch the nuclear ‘counter-barrage’ did not do so. I think it was a grace of God that he did not launch. One man stood up and made a decision that affected the lives of every single human being on the world.

      In this case, there is one man who can make the difference again and that man is the Pope.

      If he make the decision to regularize the SSPX without compromise- then it is time to go over the top (WW1)

      If not, just got to stay in the trenches and keep on soldiering.

      • tradical said, “In this case, there is one man who can make the difference again and that man is the Pope.”

        You think so? What about the great saint, Athanasius? And what about his pope, Liberius, the first pope after St Peter to not have been declared a saint?

        Who was the one man who made the difference then, trad?

        • Benoit XVI’s own words explain his Weltanschaaung quite clearly. He is:

          . Favorably disposed to the Liberte, Egalite, Fraternite movement of 1789

          . Unfavorably disposed to we bothersome, insistent, rude integralistes

          . A fan of numerous hertics and theological dingbats

          . The man who beatified Karol ( Wooooo! Wooooooo!* ) Wojtyla

          ANYTHING good for “tradition” is NOT going to flow out of this pontificate. Zip! Nada!

          * Woooooo! Woooooo! describes the noise JPII publicly made over a loudspeaker at one of his innunmerable populist hootnenannies. It also describes how much sense so much of his extravagant, peripatetic, laugh-a-minute pontificate consisted of.

          • tradical on said:

            Irish, gpmtrad,

            You really need to read all of my post.

            “… One man stood up and made a decision that affected the lives of every single human being on the world. …”

            “… In this case, there is one man who can make the difference again and that man is the Pope….”

            Did I say Pope Benedict XVI?

            Ultimately, as in the case of St. Athanasius, this crisis gets resolved in a final way when the Pope resolves it. Because, a Pope started it, and a few Popes have continued it.

            Anything else that anyone else does, ++Lefebvre et al included, is only a rearguard action to hold off a complete destruction of the army. (not a perfect analogy – but it’ll have to do)

            Complaining about Pope Benedict’s present and past actions does not change the fact that he is the Pope, the Vicar of Christ (look up Vicarious) and should he (finally) decide to enforce an agreement without compromise (keyword) we have an obligation to obey. This is the exact same principle that both ++Lefebvre and +Fellay have invoked.

            Now if there is a compromise of Faith and anything that pertains to it – the response is obvious. “With all due respect your Holiness, I can’t do that because it requires a compromise of the Faith … etc”

            “In the end my Immaculate Heart will triumph …”

            “The Pope and all the Bishops in union with him …”

            Which Pope will do this heroic action? I don’t know. I just know that it will be the Pope and it will be either Pope Benedict XVI or one of his successors because the previous Popes haven’t done the consecration, and stamped out the heresies that are eating the Church from inside like a bunch of parasites.

            Target fixation is the quickest way to become a lawn dart guys.

  2. PS: Some of you other points in this thread are well taken and I agree with them.

    There is a great deal of work ahead for all of us….

  3. “In the end my Immaculate Heart will triumph, Russia will be consecrated and there will be a period of peace.”

    No “if, and, or but.”

    Further, very few would argue when Our Lady said “peace,” that she didn’t mean a worldwide peace in both the religious and civil spheres. This would arguably refer to a widespread conversion and the establishment of the Kingship of Christ in the social and civil realms.

    Also, 1960 was the deadline for the release of the Third Secret. The consecration was requested at Tuy on June 13, 1929, with no deadline stated as far as I can remember. Will the consecration performed today (or in the future) “appease God?” YES. Will it have the same effect as it would have in 1929, 1960, or otherwise? Maybe not. Remember that after the Mayor of Ourem kidnapped the three children, Our Lady told them that the miracle which she had promised for October would not be as spectacular as it might have been had this crime not been committed. The consecration, if performed today, would have the same essential effects which were promised by Our Lady, but the crimes which have been committed may (conceivably) cause God in His Justice to reduce the graces which He might have given. Alternatively, we may have a lot to suffer in reparation before the consecration is done. Quote: “…they will repent of it, and they will do it, but it will be late. Russia will have already spread its errors in the world, provoking wars and persecutions against the Church. The Holy Father will have much to suffer.”

    • There’s another target date (this one’s terminal), Lucas and trad. Have either of you ever pondered Our Lady’s words, “In the End….”? She didn’t say “eventually”, or “soon thereafter” after any late consecration ; She said, “In the end…”.

  4. tradical on said:


    I don’t know why you left out the part after ‘in the end … and there will be peace for a while”.

    So the complete quote is not ‘terminal’ as you indicated. After the period of peace we’ll be looking at something worse that this crisis (oh yippi).

  5. tradical on said:

    Hi All,

    For anyone interested, I’ve created a blog for discussing the articles further and developing materials for helping in the awakening of Catholic culture in non-traditional Catholics.



    • Congrats on the new blog, Ned!

      My team adn I will be dropping by for a spot o’ tea – or something stronger – now and again! Don’t get nervous.

      : – )

      How were the pork chops?

      s/ G. Smiley, DO

      PS: You are one of those rare engineers that can actually construct a sentence and spell words correctly! There’s hope! ( And, I got a kick out of the arguments box. )

  6. Obviously, I am neither an engineer nor capable of spelling the word “and” correctly.

    • tradical on said:


      I thought your psychiatrist said I wasn’t ned. No matter. If that’s what makes you happy ;-)

      Pork Chops: They turned out excellent!!! I received rave reviews from the family.

      Engineer: Clarification, I’m an electronic engineering technologist – not an engineer.

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