Obama Goes to “Mass”


Obama Heads Out to Church

by KEITH KOFFLER on AUGUST 19, 2012, 11:26 AM

President Obama today made a rare appearance in church, strolling with his family across Lafayette Park to St. John’s, well known as the church where presidents pray.

From the pool report:

Sunday morning: POTUS and family are attending mass at St. John’s Episcopal Church at Layfayette Sq. in Washington, DC. The first family walks out of the WH at 10:28 am, and strolled across Layfayette Sq to the church at the north end. No hurry there. POTUS walks with Malia, a hand on her shoulder; FLOTUS walks hand-in-hand with Sasha.

Passing the Pool, POTUS says hello but nothing more. A member of the press asks Malia how her experience at a New Hampshire camp was. “Good, thank you,” she responds.

Chorus is singing “I Come with Joy” as the first family enters the church.

Delivering the sermon at St. John’s this morning is Rev. Michael Angell. He mentions the shooting this week at Washington’s Family Research Center, and calls on the country’s political rivals to come together to work out differences without violence. Angell mentions that he grew up near Auroura, Col.

Obama has been to regular Sunday services in Washington this year I think once or twice before this.

Don’t worry, there will still be time for golf, although they’re calling for thunderstorms in the DC area.

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4 comments on “Obama Goes to “Mass”

  1. Between Michael Angell and Cardinal Dolan, Obama’s pulling out all his “christian” cards.

  2. I wish that I didn’t think this was a ploy, but I do.

  3. I guess that’s part of the political game in every country – when you run for some position, you have to visit factories hospitals and schools, meet people, shake hands, eat and drink this and that.

  4. Nice to see the Obamanation’s wife dressed in something almost decent.

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