Viriginitas in partu

The “virginitas in partu” (virginity in giving birth) is a Catholic Dogma “de fide divina et catholica” – which must be believed by “Divine and Catholic faith,” infallibly proposed by the ordinary and universal Magisterium; whose denial on the part of Muller is therefore – formally heretical and presumably malicious: he cannot be excused on account of ignorance. The specific contents of this Catholic dogma are as follows: non-rupture of the physical virginal integrity (I omit the biological term “ex reverentiam”); the absence of labor pains; AND…the “sine sordibus” – the absence of the biological accidents of natural birth: placenta, umbilical cord, etc. Muller’s specious pretexts and clever circumlocutions just indicate his degree of hatred for Our Lord Jesus Christ and his Most Holy and Immaculate Mother…[cf., Pius XII, in Mystici Corporis: “…it was a miraculous birth.” Vatican II: “..whose birth not only did not diminish his Mother’s virginal integrity, but augmented it;” repeated by John Paul II in his catechetical and Marian discourses…]

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