Castel Gandolfo : the “Ratzinger Schulerkreis” will work on Ecumenism

Castel Gandolfo : the “Ratzinger Schulerkreis” will work on Ecumenism

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Ratzinger_Schülerkreis.JPGOn July 3, Benedict XVI retired to his summer residence of Castel Gandolfo. There, on September 1st and 2nd 2012, will gather the “Ratzinger Schulerkreis”, a group of former students, following a tradition begun while he was still professor of theology in Ratisbonne and kept up throughout his pontificate. Then, the professor of theology had proposed “a week long summer school during which, every day, the joyfulness and relaxation of community life would also be enriched with theological discussion and common prayer”.

The thirty members of the “Ratzinger Schulerkreis” will study the results obtained on the subject of ecumenism as well as the questions raised during discussions with Lutherans and Anglicans.

In the beginning of September 2005, Benedict XVI invited his former students to meditate on the concept of God in Islam. In 2006 and 2007, it was to touch on the theory of evolution. In 2008, the “Ratzinger Schulerkreis” worked on ecumenism; in 2009, on the mission; and, in 2010, on the hermeneutics of Vatican II (1962-1965). Last summer, the theme of the new evangelization was on study. (Sources: apic/imedia/VIS—DICI #259 of 10/08/12)

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  1. 2005 – God and Islam
    2006 – Evolution
    2007 – Evolution
    2008 – Ecumenism
    2009 – The mission?
    2010 – Hermeneutics of VC II
    2011 – Study?

    I wonder when they’ll get on with starting the “new evangelization”

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