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Martyrology-September 2nd
Roman Martyrology-September 2nd- on this date in various years-

St. Stephen, king of Hungary and confessor, who fell asleep in the Lord on the 15th of August.

At Rome, the holy martyr Maxima, who confessed Christ with St. Ansanus in the persecution of Diocletian, and yielded up her soul while being beaten with rods.

At Pamiers in France, St. Antoninus, martyr, whose relics are kept with great veneration in the church of Palencia, in Spain.

Also, the holy martyrs, Diomedes, Julian, Philip, Eutychian, Hesychius, Leonides, Philadelphus, Menalippus, and Pantagapas. Their martyrdoms were completed, some by fire, some water, others by the sword or by the cross. read more


Martyrology-September 1st
Roman Martyrology-September 1st- on this date in various years-

In the province of Narbonne, St. Giles, abbot and confessor. A town which later arose in the place where he had built his monastery and where he died was named after him.

At Sentiano, in the district of Apulia, the passion of Saints Donatus and a second Felix who were the sons of Saints Boniface and Thecla. After they had endured various torments under the judge Valerian in the reign of Emperor Maximian, they were condemned to be beheaded on this day. Today also is kept the festival of the others of the Twelve Holy Brethren, whose birthdays are noted in their proper place. The bodies of these Twelve Holy Brethren were later translated to Benevento where they are honourably enshrined. read more

Austrian priest: Dissent reflects church leaders’ lack of answerability


Austrian priest: Dissent reflects church leaders’ lack of answerability
Thursday, August 30, 2012
By Catholic News S…
y Sarah MacDonald Catholic News Service

DUBLIN (CNS) — The leader of the Austrian Priests’ Initiative said the dissident group’s call to disobedience reflects the lack of accountability among those who exercise power and authority in the Catholic Church. read more

Lecture presented by Fr Couture on The SSPX’s current position with Rome


(Wellington, 19th Aug, 2012)

Fr Couture – District Superior (Asia Region), presented a lecture in Wellington to the faithful to explain the current position of the Society of St Pius X following the General Chapter concluded recently in Econe, Switzerland. Fr Couture provided an unequivocal and encouraging message to all that the Society continues its work in complete alignment with its founder Arch Bishop Marcel Lefebvre in seeking the return to Catholic tradition. While the official statement is pending, you can see the reference the document used in Father Couture’s lecture by clicking here. read more


Martyrology-August 31st
Roman Martyrology-August 31st- on this date in various years-

St. Raymund Nonnatus, cardinal and confessor, of the Order of our
Lady of Ransom for the Redemption of Captives. His birthday is
commemorated on the 26th of August.

In Tuscany, on Mount Senario, the birthday of St. Bonajuncta,
confessor, one of the seven founders of the Order of Servites of the
Blessed Virgin Mary, who gave up his soul into the hands of the Lord
while he was preaching to his brethren on the Passion of our
Saviour. his feast is kept with that of his companions on the 12th
of February. read more

On Papalotry – From Catholic Family News 1995


On Papalotry

by Dr. William Marra

Editor’s note: This is edited transcript of a portion of the speech “Alternative to Schism” given at the Roman Forum Conference in August, 1995. In this presentation, Dr. Marra presents a clarification that will help Catholics to think critically and correctly, when confusing and contradictory statements emanate from even the highest authorities in the Church.

Belief and Obedience

My great teacher, Dietrich von Hildebrande wrote four outstanding books on the present crisis in the Church. Recently, his latest book, The Charitable Anathema was published. I wish we could mail a copy to Rome. A chapter in this book contains one of the most important lectures he ever gave to the Roman Forum. It concerns the difference between belief and obedience. He called it the critical difference. It was masterful. read more


Martyrology-August 30th
Roman Martyrology-August 30th- on this date in various years-

The feast of St. Rose of St. Mary, virgin of the Third Order of St. Dominic, whose birthday is recalled on the 24th of August.

At Rome, on the Ostian Way, the martyrdom of the blessed priest Felix, under Emperors Diocletian and Maximian. After being racked he was sentenced to death, and as they led him to execution, he met a man who spontaneously declared himself a Christian, and was forthwith beheaded with him. The Christians, not knowing his name, called him Adauctus, because he was added to St. Felix and shared his crown. read more

Mass in Seattle?


My Mom and brother will be travelling by train to Seattle in a few weeks and will stay over a weekend. It looks like there is no transit system that they can take from Seattle to the SSPX chapel in Edmonds, soo…. does anyone know of a ‘decent’ NO Mass in and around downtown Seattle… or better yet, any parishes to avoid?

Thank you so much,

Catholic Family


Martyrology-August 29th
Roman Martyrology-August 29th- on this date in various years-

The beheading of St. John Baptist, who was put to death by Herod about the feast of Easter. However, his solemn commemoration takes place today, when his venerable head was found for the second time. It was afterwards solemnly carried to Rome, where it is kept in the church of St. Sylvester, near the Campus Martius, and honoured by the people with the greatest devotion.

At Rome, on Mount Aventine, the birthday of St. Sabina, martyr. Under Emperor Hadrian, she was struck with the sword, and thus obtained the palm of martyrdom. read more

San Francisco Archbishop-elect Charged with Drunken Driving

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San Francisco archbishop-elect charged with drunken driving

Published August 27, 2012

| Associated Press

SAN DIEGO –  The Roman Catholic archbishop-elect of San Francisco was arrested for investigation of driving under the influence, San Diego police said Monday.

The Rev. Salvatore Cordileone was taken into custody after being stopped early Saturday at a police checkpoint near the San Diego State University campus, said Detective Gary Hassen, a police spokesman. He declined to comment on whether Cordileone took a sobriety test or reveal his blood-alcohol content. read more

St Pius X: the son of a village postman who urged modernists to be ‘beaten with fists’

By SPIRITUAL LIFE on Wednesday, 22 August 2012

St Pius X: the son of a village postman who urged modernists to be ‘beaten with fists’
St Pius X (August 21) had a saintliness that no one who knew him doubted
‘A man of God who knew the unhappiness of the world’

Pius X (1835-1914, pope from 1903) is often remembered today as the pontiff who led an uncompromising crusade against modernising theologians such as Alfred Loisy in France and the Irish Jesuit George Tyrrell. Such thinkers, Pius believed, were undermining the objective supernatural character of the Church and reducing religious faith to a matter of individual taste. read more

Revolution and Counter-Revolution: Liturgical Restoration vs. Reform of the Reform


Michael Davies, RIP POSTED: 8/27/12
Editor’s Note: September 25, 2012, will mark the 8th anniversary of the death of the late, great Michael Davies. The following article is well worth revisiting, despite its length, for a number of reasons, not the least of which is its excellent treatment of the so-called “reform of the reform” of which we hear so much these days. Please pray for the repose of the soul of this great Catholic thinker and pioneer of the traditional Catholic movement. MJM read more

RNC: Chris Matthews attack ‘outlandish’

RNC: Chris Matthews attack ‘outlandish’

8/27/12 3:48 PM EDT

TAMPA, Fla. — MSNBC host Chris Matthews lashed out at Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus this morning, accusing Mitt Romney and the Republican Party of playing the “race card” against President Barack Obama by joking about his birth certificate and running “dishonest” ads about Obama’s stance on welfare.

The attack, an unbridled outburst even by MSNBC standards, clearly rankled co-hosts Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski. But RNC Communications Director Sean Spicer, who described Matthews’s ideas as “outlandish,” said it will not prevent Priebus from going on the network again. read more


Martyrology-August 28th
Roman Martyrology-August 28th- on this date in various years-

At Hippo in Africa, the birthday of St. Augustine, bishop and famous doctor of the Church. Converted and baptized by the blessed bishop Ambrose, he defended the Catholic faith with the greatest zeal against the Manicheans and other heretics, and after having sustained many other labours for the Church of God, he went to his reward in heaven. His relics, owing to the invasion of barbarians, were first brought from his own city into Sardinia, and afterwards taken by Luitprand, king of the Lombards, to Pavia, where they were deposited with due honours. read more