Mons. Müller regarding the SSPX

This is what Bishop Gerhard Ludwig Müller has said regarding the SSPX to Süeddeutsche Zeitung, Jul-21-2012. Translation please. Thanks!

Eine andere Baustelle, die Sie übernehmen, sind die Verhandlungen mit der traditionalistischen Priesterbruderschaft Pius X. Die hat nun die Bedingungen derGlaubenskongregation für eine Rückkehr in die katholische Kirche abgelehnt. Das Ende der Verhandlungen?

Zur katholischen Kirche gehört man, wenn man bestimmte Voraussetzungen erfüllt –vor allem die Orientierung an der Heiligen Schrift, an der Tradition und am kirchlichen Lehramt. Wer Teile davon nicht akzeptiert, steht nun einmal in gewisser Entfernung zur Kirche, auch wenn er sich katholisch nennen will. Wenn die Priesterbruderschaft diese Trennung überwinden will, muss sie akzeptieren, was zum katholischen Glauben gehört – und dazu gehört, dass das Zweite Vatikanische Konzil verbindlich ist. Natürlich: Über die Erklärung zum Verhältnis zuden Medien kann man diskutieren. Die Aussagen zum Judentum, über die Religions-freiheit, die Menschenrechte haben dagegen dogmatische Implikationen. Die kann man nicht ablehnen, ohne den katholischen Glauben zu beeinträchtigen.

Der Generalobere der Piusbrüder hat Sie schon unter Häresieverdacht gestellt. Ist das Tischtuch endgültig zerschnitten?

Wir müssen abwarten, welche offizielle Erklärung von der Bruderschaft kommt. Unsere Haltung ist eindeutig.

Die Piusbruderschaft stellt das anders dar: Der Papst würde sich gerne mit den Traditionalisten einigen. Nur die Glaubenskongregation ist dagegen.

Das ist eine Medienpolitik, die mit der Wirk lichkeit nichts zu tun hat.

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10 comments on “Mons. Müller regarding the SSPX

  1. Could we possibly get this in Chinese???!!
    There’s still a slim possibility I might still be able to figure out what some of the words say!!!

  2. Here, I’ll translate:

    Bishop Müller: I’m not REALLY heterodox, I only speak, write, walk and talk like one….blah blah blah blah.

    The SSPX is comprised of terrible men…. blabbity blab blah.

    Hey did you here the one about Mary’s virginity? YAK YAK YAK.

    We only make traditionalists sign documents, nobody else…. bleh bleh bleh.

    As Cathoics, one of our highest priorities is to kiss the Jews’ toes…. blah blah blah.

    • This is English translation using Google Translate without any edit:

      “Another site, you accept, negotiations with the traditionalist priestly Society of Saint Pius X. Which has now rejected the conditions derGlaubenskongregation for a return to the Catholic Church. The end of the negotiations?

      For the Catholic Church is one, if you meet certain conditions before-especially the orientation of the Scriptures, the Tradition and the Magisterium. Anyone not part of it is accepted, then once a certain distance from the church, even if he wants to call themselves Catholic. If the Society wants to overcome this separation, they must accept that which belongs to the Catholic faith – and that means that the Second Vatican Council is mandatory. Of course: The explanation of the relationship zuden media can discuss it. The statements about Judaism, about religious freedom, human rights, however, have doctrinal implications. The one can not refuse, without compromising the Catholic faith.

      The Superior General of SSPX She has been asked of heresy. If the tablecloth final cut?

      We have to wait and see what comes of official declaration of the brotherhood. Our position is clear.

      The SSPX is the different: The Pope would like to agree with the traditionalists. Only the CDF is against it.

      This is a media policy that has to do with the effective sensitivity nothing.”

      • How did a pastoral council become “mandatory”?

        • And more incredibly, when (after 1965) has the Vatican’s stated position on anything been “clear”?

        • Easy! Simply invert, invent and innovate and, hey, what would have had St. Pius X reaching for his shotgun is suddenly ( quick, boys – invert! invent! innovate! presto change-o … up curtain! ) “mandatory” today! Haender hoff, meinen Herren! Macht schnell!

          ‘Course, this all has to be understood under the rubrics of the the “herbal eunuchs of fatuity” since Bizzaro Catholicism really cannot be explained any other way! : – )

          • “Here is the key section of the interview. Archbishop Di Noia says:

            “The Church’s deep commitment to reconciliation with the Jewish People is personified today by Benedict XVI. The Ecumenical Council wrought a fundamental change. Then John Paul II, above all others, brought home Paul’s message that Judaism and Jews have a unique place in salvation history. Nobody can deny that Karol Wojtyla’s Pontificate marked a major shift in the theological understanding of Judaism within the Catholic Church.”

            First of all, it is not accurate to invoke Saint Paul in this new enterprise, for it is Saint Paul who declares explicitly that Our Lord’s New Covenant “has made obsolete the former one,” that is, made obsolete the old Judaic Covenant. (Heb. 8:13) No Pope has the authority to reject this Scriptural truth, as the Word of God is infallible, and the Church has always interpreted this verse accordintly. The new approach mentioned by Archbishop Di Noia is a case of twisting the words of Saint Paul to fit the new ecumenical orientation. This is a old tactic of ecumenists, but too much to detail at the moment.”

            From John Vennari, Catholic Family News

  3. Here is a non-Google translation from another blog site.

    I was making fun of Müller in my above post before I had the translations. I don’t know German and had no idea of the content of the interview at the time.

    As it turns out (with the exception of cracking a joke about Mary) the guy actually said nearly everything I concocted.

    • I posted a response on EF concerning what is obviously a fouled -up delivery of new hirelings to their respective new posts.

      Mueller obviously arrived on the Vatican doorstep by mistake. He needs to be FedEx’d back to Saturday Night Live’s studios by Monday. Afternoon delivery will be fine.

    • Muller said, “The statements on Judaism, religious freedom, the human rights have, in contrast, dogmatic implications.”

      But the Council Fathers stated that VCII declared no new dogmas.

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