‘Rethink line on divorce and gays’

Source: The Tablet

‘Rethink line on divorce and gays’

5 July 2012

The Church must rethink its approach to remarried divorcees and gay relationships, the world’s youngest cardinal has said.

Cardinal Rainer Maria Woelki, 55, made his comments in an interview with the German weekly Die Zeit and said that while the Orthodox Church considers only the first marriage sacramentally valid, divorce and a second marriage is tolerated. Asked whether this could be a model for the Catholic Church, he replied that the Church should talk about it.

Commenting on gay men in relationships he said he tried not to see them as just violating natural law but as people trying to take responsibility for each other in lasting partnerships. “We must find a way of allowing people to live without going against church teaching,” he said.

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13 comments on “‘Rethink line on divorce and gays’

  1. My wife converted from Orthodoxy to the Catholic Church precisely because the Orthodox churches allow divorce and second marriages.

    Fr. McCloskey wrote a good article today (www.thecatholicthing.org/columns/2012/the-golden-age-cometh.html) in which he says that the Church, because of its firm teachings gets the best of the Protestants converting to Her, whilst the Protestants get the worst of the Catholics defecting to them. The ratio may be 3 to 1 in favor of the defectors, but we’re slowly getting a better Church in the process.

    Idiot, faithless men like this Cardinal have no supernatural sense, so they readily betray God to make the numbers look good.

  2. Idiot, faithless men like this Cardinal have no supernatural sense…

    They, do sort of. It’s just not a Catholic sense of the supernatural:

  3. “We must find a way of allowing people to live without going against church teaching,”

    I think that’s called ‘free will’. I wonder what else this Cardinal could be getting at?

  4. chris torey on said:

    Who made this man a Cardinal of the catholic Church. Was it Benedict XVI our pope who wants the Strong Traditional SSPX “back in the fold” to help him in his fight? Something is wrong here, there is a smell.

  5. Nope, I can’t see it either.
    I even went into the scary dashboard thing and no luck.

  6. He looks like one of those she-devil N.O. nuns, I can’t place which one though.

    In other news…

    Fox News psychiatrist says he fears threats of violence when questioning homosexual agenda
    by Matthew Cullinan Hoffman
    Thu Jul 05, 2012 19:32 EST

    Dr. Keith Ablow, a psychiatrist who functions as a Fox News expert on the channel’s “Medical A-Team” says that he hesitates to write anything that might be considered objectionable to homosexual activists, due to the threats of violence he is likely to receive as a result.

    In a recent Fox News interview with Ablow, the psychiatrist spoke about the recent New Family Structures Study (NFSS), which showed that children who were aware of same-sex sexual activity on the part of at least one of their parents were much more likely to have been sexually abused themselves and to suffer from depression, impaired relationships with others, and many other problems.

    Observing that the study is the largest ever done on this subject, Ablow said that the disturbing results indicate “we’ve got to look more at it,” adding: “And it’s such a controversial thing, I’ve got to tell you, that I hesitate to write the blog [on the topic], because every time I do you know I get threats.”

    “Well, we’ll get letters,” the Fox host answered.

    “No, I get threats, I get threats!” responded Ablow. “People are going to come to my office, they’re going to burn down my house, it’s incredible.”

    “In this politically-correct insane environment, citing data doesn’t seem to be compelling enough, because there’s a lot of hatred,” he added.

    Click here to read Ablow’s blog entry and to see the video interview broadcast on Fox.

    In his blog entry on the subject, Ablow elaborated, stating that he “he hesitated to write about this topic in an opinion piece.”

    “I didn’t hesitate because I think the topic frivolous.” he continued. “I didn’t hesitate because I think of Social Science Research as a meaningless journal (because it is anything but that). I didn’t hesitate because funding for the NESS comes partly from conservative groups (because data are data, unless they can be refuted on objective grounds, and this study is painstaking, in many regards). I hesitated because I worried about getting more of the threats and hate mail (by post and e-mail) I receive whenever I even mention the seemingly unspeakable issue of how social forces related to sexual orientation and gender identity might impact well being in children.”

    However, wrote Ablow, he would not be intimidated into silence. “When I see a path of enquiry that might yield some bit of truth, I want to try to be the person who takes it, no matter how treacherous. And, so, it is with this commentary, now in your good hands, to take or leave, to debate, to discuss-as Tennyson wrote, ‘to strive, to seek, to find…’”

    Ablow’s account of violent threats and harassment by proponents of the homosexual political agenda is echoed by many in the United States who take a pro-family position.

    In May of this year, Bristol Palin, daughter of former vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin, received over three thousand responses to a blog post opposing homosexual “marriage,” many of which were laced with curse words and insults, and some of which advocated her death.

    In February, a 14-year-old home-schooled girl who gave testimony in her state legislature against homosexual “marriage” received death threats and violent insults in the form of comments under the You Tube video that recorded the event.

    • Doctor Dude is afraid of threats from poofters? Really? What’re they going to do? “Thcratch hith eythe out?” Which reminds me…

      Did you hear about the lady who was attacked by three guys as she was walking through Wrigleyville (a.k.a. “Boy’s Town”)? Two of them held her down while the other one did her hair…

      • The sodomites are vicious. Even when they are being “social” they’re vicious, back biting, lying, manipulative harpies — there’s mounds of testimony to it. It’s why they’re so depressed, substance dependent, and disfunctional — they’re constantly dishing up and receiving mountains of viciousnous.

        And when they decide they hate or want to harm someone they are hellish. We’ve seen it over and over. Virtually all the serial killers for instance were sodomites.

        I’m convinced that the viciousness is demonically inspired and irrevocably tied to sodomy and that’s part of why it’s a sin that cries to Heaven.

    • Kathleen says:

      “He looks like one of those she-devil N.O. nuns, I can’t place which one though.”

      No, he can’t be – their toupees are much better quality. He probably ought to take an HIV test though.

  7. I justed finished reading the Quo Vadis SSPX thread, and now this. Seriously.

  8. A
    OF THE
    (or “fool me once, shame on you”)

    Daily Mass
    In uniformed plaid
    Then suddenly
    Adults went mad

    Priests danced round
    Nuns turned hip
    Fathers, mothers
    All jumped ship

    Michael rowed
    His boat ashore
    Through the Sanctuary

    Garfunk too
    Jesus loves you

    Jesus Christ
    God is dead
    So who You are?

    Take the pill
    Eat the Bread
    Grace Slicked-souls
    Will feed your head

    “All” were Virgins
    Female Ghost
    Feminist boast

    Tell what’s happening
    What’s the buzz
    Bishops do
    What never was

    Except one Bishop
    Stood up straight
    Great Mitred-man
    Against the gate

    Begged missy-mitred men
    “Even nuns say five’s enough
    It’s too hard to do ten.”

    So Mitred-man
    He took the cross
    Plugged the hole
    To stop the loss

    And to this day
    Full-fields no dream
    From Catholic families
    Vocations stream

    And along the river banks
    They line
    Rosaries in hand
    To warn the Rhine

    We believe in God
    The Virgin…the Creed
    If this foul-flow continues
    Your waters will bleed

    But not with her Son’s
    Most Precious Blood…
    A mitred-muck
    Turned into scabbed-mud!

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