POLL: The new scrolling comments thingy

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5 comments on “POLL: The new scrolling comments thingy

  1. I voted “annoying.”

  2. I really like it !!

  3. Hey I could be wrong. Maybe I just need to get used to it.

  4. Don’t really like it. It makes AQ look more- bloggy, not the vast world it always was, if that makes any sense. Now, what I’d really like to see is if you could return us our wonderful emoticons. I really wanted to react with that nice vomiting blehh guy for the Muller photo post. Any chance of it?

  5. I’ll pass on the thingy.

    I found this idea for a separate comments page that would be kinda like the old AQ forum page:
    Scroll down a bit to the section “Grouped comments by posts.” If I’m understanding the description, the most recent comment will bump the thread to the top. I suspect you can list multiple comments under each thread. Are there any WordPress gurus around?

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