New CDF head Bp Müller: photographs

Gerhard Ludwig Müller (born 31 December 1947) is a Catholic bishop, and prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith since his appointment by Benedict XVI on 2 July 2012. Here are some photographs of him taken in recent years.

Bp Müller in his evening wear

From the article: “For civilian clothes, [Müller] wore a jogging suit and sandals. He likes to dress like this in the evening when he does not expect any more visitors. It is interesting that the body language changes. His shoulders go forward and the voltage decreases. It is a total transformation: the bishop suddenly looks like the nice neighbor next door.”

Bp Müller meets the punks

Bp Müller with Gustavo Gutierrez

Bp Müller with an ecumenical sunflower

Bp Müller in Peru

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3 comments on “New CDF head Bp Müller: photographs

  1. Bishop Muller’s reaction upon hearing a priest within his diocese had offered a TLM

  2. Yup, things have changed for the better in Rome, alright.

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