Divine Word provincial’s Hindu dance at Mass

Fr Joachim Andrade, of Indian origin, is provincial of the Society of the Divine Word in southern Brazil. The above video is taken from 2009, but Fr Andrade performed again (pictures) at the opening Mass of the Seminar for Consecrated Religious Life, organized by the Conference of Brazilian Religious, on February 26, 2012. Of his dance, Fr Andrade said

Hindu art shows that it is possible to take this ancient Eastern culture and insert it into our search for God, since mysticism and spirituality are above religions. To bring expressions of another culture to the liturgy is to give our celebrations a universal openess.”

SOURCE (in Portuguese)

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3 comments on “Divine Word provincial’s Hindu dance at Mass

  1. This is a Bharatanatyam dance. What is striking about this video is that these particular movements are always performed by female dancers, while the male roles have a different character altogether.

    I suspect that this “priest’s” love of dance is due less to his being a religious syncretist and more to his being a homosexual.

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