Cardinal Schönborn sees risk of schism

Cardinal Schönborn: “I see the risk of a schism”
01 July 2012 // trans. by Ep. Flower
(with minor alterations by GordonG)
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(, Vienna) — Today the Viennese daily “Kurier” published excerpts from the protocols of the meeting of Vienna’s priest council on May 10th. The founder of the ‘Ungehorsams-Initiative” [Call to Disobedience], Father Helmut Schuller, is a member.

The Viennese Cardinal Christoph von Schönborn announced at the meeting that he will not appoint any more deans who are members of the Call to Disobedience: “I can not allow someone to be a dean and simultaneously participate in the Call to Disobedience.”

Furthermore, the Cardinal forbad members of the Call to Disobedience from travelling through the country and holding events advertising the intiative…. He requested “a pause in the ‘travelling apostolate’ in the coming months”: “Please cease travelling: I hope I won’t have to put this request in the form of a command.”

Cardinal Schönborn indicated that it was unusual that the Pope had preached about the Call to Disobedience on Holy Thursday.

“We aren’t just in our local church, but are a glass house to the entire world.” The Austrian church will be “very closely watched”, said [Schönborn].

For his part, Fr. Schuller doesn’t believe that the Archdiocese of Vienna can find a solution for his much-hyped questions. “We don’t want to climb out of the boat, but we do want to stand at the helm and discuss the course.”

Cardinal Schönborn addressed this apparent desire on the part of those engaged in disobedience to create an alternative Church structure: “I see the risk of a schism.”

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