1789 within the SSPX?

“1789 within the SSPX?”
96.30.12 // RORATE CAELI

From the July-August issue of Apostol, the newsletter of the priories of Frabrègues and Perpignan (Languedoc-Roussillon, France) of the Society of Saint Pius X (FSSPX/SSPX).

Dear Faithful,

You are the salt of the earth. But if the salt lose its savour, wherewith shall it be salted? It is good for nothing any more but to be cast out, and to be trodden on by men. (Mt v, 13)

Salt is good as long as it preserves its strentgth and sharpness; it seasons meat, it gives as it were a soul to that flesh that is dead; it prevents worms from growing on it, and that rot forms in it.

In the current storm, we should expect from our priests that they be the salt of the earth, men of God, animated by the spirit of Jesus Christ. There is nothing that is as useful as this to souls, or more advantageous to their salvation; because the former have this mission of preserving the latter from the corruption of customs with the teaching of the Gospel, and by example, inspiring in them love and regard for perfection.

And yet, it is quite regrettable for the Society of Saint Pius X and for the souls in our priories to find out, day after day, these inconvenient declarations, these calls to disobedience do authority, these states of mind displayed on the net… What a scandal for the faithful!

While it is legitimate to appraise the situation of the Society and of its position in the Church, it seems important to me to recall that this text should be an occasion to display our attachment to the order willed by God and assured by legitimate authority, despite differences of opinion in matters of prudence. Never before has Faith been more invoked in order to justify our temptations of pride and independence, the sign of a resolutely modern spirit!

For salt loses its strength in water, from where it originates… It comes from sea water; but if dispose of it there, it dissolves immediately and it is lost. Let us flee from the sea of the world, let us flee from the customs of the world. The amazing sight of division, that of silent but nevertheless real struggles, of political tactics, are unworthy of the Society and of our priories!

Have salt in you, and have peace among you. (Mk ix, 49)

Let us have within ourselves the salt of evangelical wisdom, before sharing it with others. Let us savor the things of heaven ourselves before offering their savor to others.

Let us have within ourselves the salt of mortification: our sacrifices will not at all be pleasing to God unless they come from a perfectly mortified heart.

Let you have within yourseles the salt of discretion. (Lv ii, 13) Let your speech be always in grace seasoned with salt: that you may know how you ought to answer every man. (Cl iv, 6)

Let us have, finally, the salt of perseverance, and of stability in love for God and neighbor.

It will be divine love, joined with the inspiration of the Holy Ghost, and the grace of baptism, that will make the priests of the Society of Saint Pius X truly apostolic men, as salt is extracted with the heat of the Sun and the blow of the wind over the waters of the seas.

Father Renaud de la Motte

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14 comments on “1789 within the SSPX?

  1. Father Renaud de la Mott wrote:

    “Never before has Faith been more invoked in order to justify our temptations of pride and independence, the sign of a resolutely modern spirit!


    The Revolution
    For all men’s rights –
    Guillotined the Carmelite

    The Revolution
    The Church did smite –
    Guillotined the Carmelite

    The Revolution
    The Catholic blight –
    Guillotined the Carmelite

    The Revolution
    The lady’s knight –
    Guillotined the Carmelite

    The Revolution
    Fraternal might –
    Guillotined the Carmelite

    But Carmels’ blood
    In a Bishop’s vein runs
    Through sons who now guillotine… ALL revolutions!

  2. Columba on said:

    It is unfortunate that Father de la Motte does not get beyond pietic boilerplate to address the real issues.

  3. tradical on said:

    My wife (who blogs under the pseudonym Tradiate) had the following reflections on the article.

    Columba says:
    It is unfortunate that Father de la Motte does not get beyond pietic boilerplate to address the real issues.

    There has been quite enough addressing the “real issues”…ad nauseum, in fact.
    Our Lord said to Martha’ “you are busy about many things, but only one thing is necessary”
    We must do the Will of God.
    +Fellay saw the call of God when he was asked to reconcile with no conditions asked. He took that step, trusting in God’s Providence.
    Archbishop Lefebvre used to say,”I do not precede Providence, I follow it.”
    This is what Bishop Fellay has done.
    Now it appears, Rome has changed it’s mind. Okay, that is a sign to wait, so we wait.

    Be at peace.

    Some may argue that we should never have trusted Rome in the first place, but that is not allowing for the Grace of God to work in souls.
    We all know that the Church must come back to tradition some day, because it is the one true Church..
    +Fellay’s principles-to go as far as we can, to show good will- shows a readiness to work with that grace.
    Not to mention that it was the only option he had…as we were given to under stand- if +Fellay had not taken that step toward reconciliation in April, the Society was going to be declared in formal schism–
    at the time no compromise was being asked–what else could he do?
    Now, he is asked to compromise, so he says,”we cannot”
    This should help those who are anxious, to trust in their superior and,” be at peace”

    Wishing the good God’s peace on all, and especially the members of the Society as they endure the attacks of the devil in these uncertain days.


    • Columba on said:

      I am worried that those courageous bishops and priests who remained openly faithful to the legacy of Archbishop Lefefbvre will now be punished for their steadfastness.

      • tradical on said:

        I am certain that +Fellay and those faithful to the legacy of ++Lefebvre will not be punished.

        +Williamson, as noted, already has been punished, but not for remaining faithful, but for inciting rebellion.

        Columba – take a deep breath and don’t have a coronary.

        • Columba on said:

          You council me to be at peace and yet admit that you are at war against those of our leaders with the courage to remain steadfast. +Fellay may escape without punishment, but he has certainly lost the respect of a large plurality (and perhaps a majority) of his members and followers.

      • Columba,

        Who do you mean? Bishop Williamson? Bishop Williamson was in trouble long before all of this and it had nothing to do with being true to the legacy of Archbishop Lefebvre. He was in trouble due to his disobedience and disrespect for authority shown when he made his very public and imprudent remarks about the Jews. He was told to cease to speak publicly on such topics and to cease with the blog, yet he refused. That certainly was not remaining faithful to the legacy of Archbishop Lefebvre.

        Do you mean Fr. J. Pfeiffer or Fr. Chazal? They are not being punished because of their faithfulness but due to their disrespect and rebellion. I doubt Archbishop Lefebvre would be happy with them.

        It is one thing for them to discuss concerns and fears and to state all things that should be considered (in a respectful manner with their superiors). It is an entirely different situation to act with disrespect and rebellion, to encourage uprisings, to spread rumors and lies, and to speak public disparaging remarks against your superior. No one would be punished for the first. The second is sinful behavior and deserves to be punished.

        • Columba on said:

          Then you join the Modernists in condemning Archbishop Lefebvre for hist disrespect against his superiors. Respect for the Truth supersedes obedience to human authority (at least in the Church, although not in the Modernist newchurch).

          • Uh, no, Columba – You join the modernist, the freemasons, and the devil, himself, by supporting disrespect, disobedience and rebellion. Those I mentioned above did not show respect for Truth. This was not about Truth. They were not, nor never were, commanded to do anything contrary to the Faith or Truth. They reacted with fear to rumors and LIES. That certainly does not supersede obedience.

            You need to take a break, pal, and do some deep spiritual reading and prayer. You have gone over the edge. You come across on the internet as one of those old, grumpy, old persons who live all alone with very little human contact and only an internet connection to reach out to others. Take a break and get some sanity back.

            • Columba on said:

              Please do not get personal. Your speculation about me cannot be further from the truth.

              If you are against Freemasons, why did you support putting us into the hands of the Vatican and diocesan Freemasons?

              You spoke of rumors and LIES. Please be specific. Which, if any, of the rumors turned out to be lies?

              BTW, it was all the other bishops, not just +Williamson who remained faithful. There have been at least a dozen (and growing number of) priests that have publicly defended us at great personal risk to themselves. You can bet that for every priest with the courage to speak out, there were many who felt the same but kept silent for the time being. One of these manly priests, Fr. Damien Fox, said that half of the SSPX priests were against the attempted sellout.

              • Columba on said:

                You are SSPX and cast doubt upon whether Freemasons have infiltrated the Vatican??? We are doomed if such a disposition predominates. Archbishop Lefebvre said:

                The scandal of the P2 Lodge in Italy is still fresh in people’s minds. […]

                Do I need to point out that Freemasonry is what it has always been? The former Grand Master of the Grand Orient, Jacques Mitterand, admitted on the radio in 1969, “We have always had bishops and priests in our lodges,” and made the following profession of faith: “If to place man upon the altar in place of God is the sin of Lucifer, then all humanists since the Renaissance have committed this sin.” This was one of the complaints against the Freemasons when they were excommunicated for the first time by Pope Clement XII in 1738. In 1982, the Grand Master Georges Marcou said, “It is the problem of man which is paramount.” At the forefront of his concerns when he was reelected was subsidising abortion by the National Health Service saying, “Women’s economic equality depends on this step.”

                Freemasons have penetrated into the Church. In 1976 it was discovered that the man at the centre of the liturgical reform, Mgr. Bugnini, was a Freemason. And we can be sure he was not the only one. The veil covering the greatest mystery hidden from the clergy and faithful has begun to tear. We see more and more clearly with the passing of time–but so do also the Church’s secular enemies: “Something has changed within the Church,” wrote Jacques Mitterand, “and replies given by the Pope to the most urgent questions, such as priestly celibacy and birth control, are hotly debated within the Church itself; the word of the Sovereign Pontiff is questioned by bishops, by priests, by the faithful. For a Freemason, a man who questions dogma is already a Freemason without an apron.”

                Another brother, Mr. Marsaudon of the Scottish Rite, spoke as follows of the ecumenism nurtured during the Council: “Catholics, especially the conservatives, must not forget that all roads lead to God. And they will have to accept that this courageous idea of freethinking, which we can really call a revolution, pouring forth from our Masonic lodges, has spread magnificently over the dome of St. Peter’s.” […]

                You notice how interested the Freemasons are in the Church’s future–in order to devour her. Catholics need to be aware of this, in spite of the sirens who would sing them to sleep. All those destructive forces are closely interrelated. Freemasonry describes itself as the philosophy of Liberalism, which in its most extreme form is Socialism. The whole comes under the phrase used by our Lord: “the gates of hell.”


              • tradical on said:


                When you accused NeelyAnn of joining the modernists – that would be considered a personal attack.

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