The Pope will consecrate Russia to Me

I wonder how many of us have paused to consider, in the confusion and worry of the present situation, that there would be no cause for division, no need for preambles, deals, recognition or argument; if the Pope would only consecrate Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. We’re he do do that, everything would simply fall into place, both in matters of the Church and of the world. There would be no more needless war. Men’s hearts would realign. People all over the world would pray, do penance, and convert in droves. All without revolution or violence.

There wouldn’t even been a Vatican II if it had been done earlier. Consider for a moment what we would have avoided.

It’s all in the Holy Father’s hands. He can bring about the triumph of the Immaculate Heart. We can hasten it with our prayers, but he could make it happen today, and he knows it well. “Pray. Pray very much.”

Good God, have mercy on us.

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2 comments on “The Pope will consecrate Russia to Me

  1. Pope Benedict doesn’t believe that Our Lady was present in person at Fatima. It was only an “impulse.” He said this in an interview with his spokesman, and defender of therapeutic abortion, Fr. Lombardi, on his 2010 trip to Fatima. His Holiness seems to want to sound scientific, even hip.

    In 2000, in my presentation, I said that an apparition – a supernatural impulse which does not come purely from a person’s imagination but really from the Virgin Mary, from the supernatural – that such an impulse enters into a subject and is expressed according to the capacities of that subject. The subject is determined by his or her historical, personal, temperamental conditions, and so translates the great supernatural impulse into his or her own capabilities for seeing, imagining, expressing; yet these expressions, shaped by the subject, conceal a content which is greater, which goes deeper, and only in the course of history can we see the full depth, which was – let us say – “clothed” in this vision that was accessible to specific individuals. (Pope Benedict XVI)

  2. I hope Pope Benedict does so. But I’m afraid that things are going to get a lot worse before it happens. Sr. Lucy predicted that the US would fall to Communism. Yes, one can make the case that we’ve arrived there ideologically. But Bl. Jacinta saw people starving in the streets. I don’t think she saw a third-world hell hole where that is commonplace, but rather Europe or the US. It could come swiftly, the way the banks and governments have colluded in massive theft. It will be so bad that the pope will realize there is no other option. But whatever it is, the effect of the Consecration will be so dramatic and undeniable that much of the world will be converted on the spot and will glorify Our Lady. I don’t think the world is ripe for it yet.

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