For the greater glory

Is anyone else haveing trouble seeing this Movie? There was 1 showing a good 45 mins. away from my house at 9:45 at night and I can’t drive at night.

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4 comments on “For the greater glory

  1. This was a great movie!

  2. Yes – I had to drive an hour to see it. It was well worth it, despite the inaccuracies. Try to make it. Go with someone who can drive. It won’t be in theaters much longer. When my friends treated me I asked the Manager how much longer it would be shown and he said, “A week or so.”

    There was no advertising. In the Hispanic communities in this area, not a single poster – even in the church halls or bulletins.

    KC Metro

  3. The movie “For Greater Glory” is currently not playing anywhere in Canada.
    Too bad.
    I found a great comment about it:

    There is a moment where Andy Garcia’s character, the general, kneels at Mass for communion. He had already made it clear beforehand he was not in the state of grace. The priest, Father Vega, who was no conservative, had the sense to deny him the sacrament.

    Incidentally, the Cristeros general who was denied communion saw the error of his ways, made a sincere confession and came back fully into the Church. Tough love trumped false charity before the Second Vatican Council.

    Liturgically, the movie is a pleasure to watch. The priests offering the traditional Masses are heroes. Roman vestments everywhere. Cassocks. Collars. Latin.

  4. Not in Montana either..:-( I called theaters here and they said the production company was not wanting to release here…not a good enough market. We have been waiting 2 years to see it on the big screen. Oh well…guess we will wait to see it on our little home screen.

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