Attacks on Bishop Fellay and SSPX flood YouTube

They eat the bread of wickedness, and drink the wine of iniquity. (Prov. 4:17)
Thou shalt render them a recompense, O Lord, according to the works of their hands. (Lam. 3:64)


I thought long about whether to post these. I’ve explained my reasoning below, but will understand if higher powers think the content so utterly objectionable that they prefer to delete the post. The following videos are deeply offensive, and feature attacks on – and mockery of – priests of God, including the Holy Father. Yet for all that, they are perhaps more eloquent than any Society press release in demonstrating the evil spirit behind the present attacks on the Society’s Superior General and leadership.

Who can believe, having seen these videos, that the nameless creatures making such things – and this is just a small sample of what’s been vomited onto YouTube – are at peace with God and His Church? That they care about truth and justice? That it is Christ, not the Devil, whom they serve?

Unauthorized leaks of private correspondence, attack letters backed by fraudulent signatures, disgusting videos mocking holy priests… one does not need to be a reader of souls to see the evil at work in this time of uncertainty.

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27 comments on “Attacks on Bishop Fellay and SSPX flood YouTube

  1. Disgusting, Traditio-style filth.

    I have no problem if some people have reservations about the proposed canonical arrangement, but this is vile and sickening.

  2. Here are two replies that I made on YouTube to the individual who posted the private and confidential letter to H.E. Bishop Fellay from the three other SSPX bishops:

    Does this tradition that you people (who are not members of the SSPX; only clerics are, not the laity) espouse, allow you to break the Seventh Commandment? How do you know what the “deal” is; are you privy to confidential information that you have no right to? I am sick and tired of you amateur “theologians,” who have read a few Michael Davies books, and fancy yourselves experts on tradition, thinking that you know better than the Superior General.

    So “Facts are all that matter.” You mean the facts as YOU see them. The Ten Commandments don’t matter. Neither does the respect owed to His Holiness Pope Benedict the XVI as the Vicar of Christ. Nor the respect owed to His Excellency Bishop Bernard Fellay, as the most worthy successor to the saintly Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre, and a bishop of the Church. You sound very Protestant to me. If people like you represent “tradition,” then God help us all!

  3. These videos are disrespectful at best, but how is re-posting them & thus sending further traffic their way helpful?

  4. It amazes me how quickly some people assume that these videos — which I’d guess were deliberately crafted to make supporters of the three bishops look asinine — were the work of supporters of the three. Anyone with experience of disinformation campaigns should be able to at least suspect, if not detect, the hand of enemies of Jesus at work. To identify that hand with the hand of the supporters of Bishops Williamson et al is rash judgment and probably calumny as well.

    • You’re right. I guess I need to go to a re-education camp and become a neo-Trad like everyone else on this forum. All that extremist stuff from the old school SSPX isn’t modern enough for the modern world. It’s about time the Society finally got hip to religious freedom and the rest of the modernist agenda. And to think I used to think that the Church had it right BEFOE Vatican II!

      • You’re right. I guess I need to go to a re-education camp and become a neo-Trad like everyone else on this forum.

        If you’re unhappy then walk away.

        Or are you trying to go out with a bang?

        • You may have noticed that the frequency of my posts has declined significantly since this became an anti-Bishops Tissier de Mallerais, Richard Williamson, and Alfonso de Galarreta forum.

          “… the masterstroke of satan was to sow disobedience to Catholic tradition through obedience.”
          – Archbishop Lefebvre

          • So now you’re resorting to pulling Archbishop Lefebvre quotes when you’re on the wrong end of an arugment with someone – namely me? Interesting.

            BTW, it’s not an anti- Bp. Williamson forum. What you’re seeing is *ME*, John Grasmeier, becoming weary of putting up with His Excellency’s unending, disruptive, illogical B.S. at every turn over the last several years.

            That said, I’m done corresponding with you on this. No more lengthy PMs or back and forths. If I find anymore pot-shots from your pop-gun directed at me, or the membership as a whole I’ll consider it confirmation that you wish to forfeit your membership.

      • No, the choice is between upholding tradition and cozying up to modernism.

    • tradical on said:

      Hi Peni,

      Interesting thought concerning rash assumptions however:

      A quick review of what SSPXrome (the poster) ‘likes’ on Youtube, and his/her own postings and comments, it seems evident that he/she is against a regularization of the SSPX.

      The Bishop Williamson is likewise minded is also presented by the ‘letter’ and his own “Eleison Comments”.

      So the conclusion is supported by the electronic trail left by the original poster.

      Further, given that the online actions of the ‘supporters’ of the ‘three bishops’ ( what they are supporting I’m not certain), already makes them look “asinine” there is no motive for someone to start a dis-information campaign (even a poorly designed one such as this).

      So, I would tend to agree that the simplest explanation remains the best until someone provides evidence to the contrary.

      Have a nice evening all!


  5. GordonG said:

    “…of Bishop Fellay”


    Freezing dark
    Wrapped gray chapel
    In a foggy-cold.

    But warm inside
    Yellow candles spark
    In the brilliance
    Of the Monstrance bold.

    A distinctive nature
    Knelt in prayer
    A Bishop cast
    In Our Lord’s own mold.

    He’d never admit –
    Would never dare –
    “Just pray for me.”
    He’d scold.

    But this is a man
    A true Catholic Shepherd
    An Alter Christus
    To behold.

    And he will not hunt you
    Like a devouring leopard –
    But lure
    With his Fisherman’s Gold!

  6. The YouTube crowd needs to be converted by the SSPX but it will take a miracle.

  7. My reaction to these youtube videos is “Stupid and Juvenile”. These kind of tactics are used by junior high school boys, and I would not be surprised if the producers were teenagers.

  8. In their desperation they try anything to get their madness across.

  9. I have a CTS book which dealt with the Hitler regime’s denigration of Catholic Clergy and The Church, the above YouTubes are in the same vein, but more infantile and somewhat puerile.

  10. tradical on said:

    Hi Peni,

    Cute, only dogs don’t open refrigerators unless a human designed it so it would be possible.

    So if the Pope asks you to do something that doesn’t go against the Faith etc, what would you do?

  11. If it doesn’t go against the Faith, of course I would obey. But when he asks me to go AGAINST the Faith, it’s a different story.

    Meanwhile, you are deliberately avoiding the argument I presented by quibbling. I could have easily just said “my ham sandwich is missing,” and then you couldn’t have blathered about refrigerators being designed by men (work of human hands?)

  12. tradical on said:

    Hi Peni,

    If your ham sandwich was in the fridge the same applies.

    Since I obviously did not understand your argument how about you rephrase it?

  13. Sorry. Let me try to be clearer. I understood your argument to be essentially:
    Whoever made those videos is opposed to an agreement with Rome. The supporters of Bishops Tissier de Mallerais, Richard Williamson, and Alfonso de Galarreta are opposed to a practical agreement with Rome before the doctrinal differences are resolved. Therefore it is alright to blame the supporters of Bishops Tissier de Mallerais, Richard Williamson, and Alfonso de Galarreta until it has been conclusively proved that they are not guilty. It’s a non sequitar, and I tried to show it with an analogy that’s just as absurd.

    • tradical on said:

      Hi Peni,

      Interestingly, you are the one who made the link between the three Bishops and their supporters.

      Up to that point everyone was commenting on the unbecoming behavior of the ‘anti-regularization’ supporters that they had ‘encountered’ on the web.

      So it would appear that you are the one who jumped to the conclusion, which drew me into the quagmire of your assumption (mea culpa).

      I was focused on behavioral patterns and grouping them by similarity. As we cannot identify who comprises the amorphous group ‘supporting the three bishops’ in a distinct manner such a grouping of those exhibiting bad behavior is not unwarranted and suffices for the commentary.

      In other words as a group they are cohesive in their approach and message. It is the behavior of these online personalities that is reprehensible. Do you not agree?

      One question in discussing generalized groupings based on behavior is are these people supporting the ‘three bishops” or are they just opposing Bishop Fellay and the General Council?

  14. I believe that you and your forum are promoting the fracture of the SSPX into separate camps by taking a hard line on only one side of the issue and demonizing everyone who disagrees with you. I wish to no longer be a part of it.

    I remember when your forum was a fun place to hang out, and open discussion on most issues was permitted. Those days are gone, and so am I.

    • AQ was a “fun place to hang out?” LOL! Now THAT is fun, or funny… whatever. I could go into all of the “fun” I’ve had here, but I think I’ll spare our poor readers.

      Has there been a perpetual full moon this month? Maybe it’s the new platform that’s just lighting people up left and right. Exploding members, via spontaneous combustion.

      Look, I’ll say this again: and myself, has supported, is supporting and will continue to support the Society of Saint Pius X.

      It has been this way from the very first day this website came online. God willing, it will remain that way until the very last day this website is online.

      NOTHING HERE HAS CHANGED. Nothing whatsoever. I haven’t changed a single iota. AQ hasn’t changed a single iota. Period.

      I’m trying to think of something more to say, to put it more distinctly or somehow be more articulate or profound, but I can’t. It’s such a idiotically simple concept.

      We support the SSPX.

      Well DUH.

      Oh, and you can’t leave… I’m the benevolent dictator around here and I haven’t banned you yet.

      And why are you angry with me? I’m not the one calling you “peni.”

  15. tradical on said:

    Hi penitent99,

    Sorry if I offended.


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