Attack on SSPX Superior General uses fraudulent signatures

The following e-mail was sent by the editor of Catholic Truth, Patricia McKeever, to the anonymous organizers [N.B. on this, see update of 06/21/12 below] of the “Open Letter to Bishop Fellay” which has been circulated online by UK-based critics of the SSPX Superior General. The e-mail serves to demonstrate the dishonesty of those behind the “Open Letter”, and the lengths to which they are willing to go in attacking the leadership of the Society of St Pius X.

For the attention of the organisers of the Open Letter to Bishop Fellay

I note from our blog that you invite anyone who feels their name has been illicitly added to your list, to contact you to have their names removed. However, the people who have had their names added, are not “computerised”!

— The gentleman who is mentioned in several posts is down on your list as “Ronnie McDonald” (should be “MacDonald”) – he is in his seventies and does not own a computer. He is LIVID about having his name added to this list. He spoke to the following people who said they had not given permission for their names to be added to this list. Ronnie’s name should be removed.

— The head of the Flynn family (who knew nothing about it, which suggests that all the rest of the names of the Flynns were also illicitly added. I cannot recall the Christian name of Mr Flynn but I think it is Paul, as is one of his sons. In your position, in order to be on the safe side and assert authenticity, I would remove all the names of the Flynn family who attend the SSPX Glasgow chapel, unless I was able to contact them directly. I do not have any contact details for them.)

— Dan and Ena McMenamin (names misspelt on your list) also knew nothing about the letter and did not give permission for their names to be used.

— Peter McEnerny is also elderly and not on the internet. However, when Ronnie phoned him he was somewhat ambiguous. He may not have understood what Ronnie was saying, but he certainly did not affirm that he knew about the letter or that he had given his permission for his name to be added. I tried to ring him just now, but his phone is ringing out, so I haven’t been able to confirm one way or the other what his position is about the letter.

With respect, I think it is incumbent upon you to remove those names where no permission was sought or given, and, further, to publicly apologise for misleading everyone. Even one false signature is sufficient to discredit any petition, as I’m sure you must know.

Kind regards

Patricia McKeever
Catholic Truth

UPDATE 06/19/12:
The following has been posted on another forum…

The name of Mr Patrick Cairns has appeared on this letter. I have just spoken to him on the phone and he doesn’t know anything about the letter and did not sign it and is angry that his name has appeared. GET HIS NAME OFF IT NOW!

UPDATE 06/21/12: The author of the “British faithful” attack letter has been identified by Patricia McKeever of Catholic Truth as Gregory Taylor. He has been attacking the leadership of the Society online using the name “Gregorio Sarto”.

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11 comments on “Attack on SSPX Superior General uses fraudulent signatures

  1. It’s not the first time Bishop Fellay’s detractors have resorted to lies, rumors and outright liable. In fact, it’s becoming commonplace. “Beneath contempt” comes to mind.

    Whenever I have trouble deciding which side to support on any given issue, I look at who the supporters and detractors are on each side to help guide my decision.

    If I, per chance, had been conflicted on this (I’m not), my decision would have been easy.

  2. servitium says:

    “It’s not the first time Bishop Fellay’s detractors have resorted to lies, rumors and outright liable. In fact, it’s becoming commonplace. “Beneath contempt” comes to mind.”


    The lion roars
    The storm hits shores
    A Bishop stands alone

    His blood he pours
    For scores and scores
    To bring them to His Throne

    But witless whores
    Seduce through doors
    With moans and groans their tone

    While Christ deplores
    ALL mutinous bores
    Who make His Church their own!

  3. I was sent this email with the fraudulent names a couple of days ago. I ignored it and passed this article along to my mom so she’d be aware of it and let others know too. A couple of weeks prior to this, I got an email about “saving” the SSPX with a link to a web page. I passed that along too, so others would know how out there some people are right now.

  4. this is all becoming so very very disturbing.

  5. this is all becoming so very very disturbing.

    Yes it is, and at the same time enlightening.

  6. I spoke to the head of the Flynn family who confirmed that he did indeed sign the petition. Which means the person asking for all the Flynn names to be removed never bothered to check on this beforehand. Idiots

  7. Sylvester, if the head of that family told you that he’d signed that petition, that is the opposite of what he told others.

    There is a lot of skulduggery going on here and I urge you to read our latest thread on this topic, which I’ve just posted to judge for yourself where the truth lies – visit our blog

    God bless AngelQueen!

  8. Thank you Kathleen,

    If you’ve been following the blog we posted about this scandal you will know that the IA people have not responded to my invitation to post evidence in support their claims. That, of course, is because there IS none!

    God bless.

  9. I read that thread at the link you posted. Wow.

    Is the PATRICIUS person – who is supposedly “loyal” to the SSPX and Bp. Fellay – for real? He writes this to one of his moderators:

    “Why don’t you quit laughing and do something about the published article, all of which is dragging the name of this forum through the mud.

    I don’t find any of it remotely amusing, much less the publicity surrounding that stupid, amateurish letter that was sent to Menzingen.”

    Amazing. Earth to PATRICIUS:

    YOU own the forum. YOU allowed the letter to be posted and continue to fester, when YOU should have removed it the moment it came to your attention. YOU have a moderator who is involved in the letter scandal, yet YOU do nothing except offer tepid protests to him, when YOU put him in (and keep him in) a leadership position.

    YOU allow the trolls, malcontents and haters free rein. Instead of bouncing such dirtbags out into the dirt where they belong, YOU give them tacit approval by offering them a sandbox to play in. YOU allow them to post and expound upon nearly any calumny, moonbat musing and conspiracy theory they wish.

    Yes, administering a forum is by no means an easy task. We all are fallen, often foolish and can’t be everywhere all the time. Things get by us. Additionally, interlopers, disruptors, provacateurs and sickies can be hard to deal with. They are often very persistent and very clever.

    However once it has been made clear to YOU that they are causing problems, YOU must deal with them – harshly if necessary. The problems they create harm not only your membership, but the multitudes associated with it and even many others outside of it.

    It YOUR forum, and YOU are ultimately responsible for its content.

  10. servitum

    Superb! Well said. You hit the nail on the head. Let’s see if PATRICIUS takes the (to put it mildly) hint! Why should Bob Diamond have to resign while GS stays in post? But let’s keep an eye open – we don’t want GS sloping off with a £20 million pay off. No way!

    God bless you!

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