Fr. Charles Stehlin SSPX: Overview of Relations with Rome

Fr. Charles Stehlin SSPX: Overview of Relations with Rome

Posted on June 15, 2012 by Jakub Pytel

Fr. Charles Stehlin SSPX, superior of the Priestly Fraternity of St. Barbara. Pius X in Eastern Europe

The priest Charles Stehlin, superior of the Priestly Fraternity of St. Barbara. Pius X in Europe, gave the 10 June 2006 in Poznan, the lecture about the present situation of the SSPX and its relations with the Holy See. Below we have written and authorised text of this lecture.

Dear Faithful!

I would like to present you the current situation as it should be seen, as objectively as possible to do so.

I am from a brief historical rysu, so that you understand exactly what actually happened in the relationship between the society of St. Pius X and the Holy See, and which is only czyimś, zasłyszaną plotką and finally ordinary przeinaczeniem.

Remember that took place discussions he and that they were properly terminated because not all the topics that have been discussed, have been addressed. Apparently the representatives of the Holy See does not make sense to continue their pursuit.

During the talks, our delegation, which chaired by Bishop Alfonso de Galarreta, presented to all our major objections to these points of modern teaching, in which upatrujemy the source of the crisis. We gave the word not only our disorder, but also presented arguments showing that indeed in specific cases have been disrupted with the Magisterium of the Catholic Church, that here and there the II Vatican Council has introduced to the Interior of the Church niekatolickie the content concerning mainly as sami y’know — religious freedom, ekumenizmu, the new rite of mass, finally the new orientation of the Church, which results in his zeświecczeniem. The tradition has now become the “living Tradition” — a notion that invented moderniści, to turn the Catholic tradition in the wave of światowości. Don’t we need reform, but denied the right attitude towards the world, which is accompanied by the Church since Vatican II, prepares a man to fight in this valley of tears, nor to eternity. Issues of salvation and eternal zatraceniem are coming to further plan, spychane there for what a world.

These main points have been transposed so clearly, as never before, and then with the theology of justification — very comprehensive, wielosetstronicowym — the Holy Father passed. Pope Benedict XVI was very well informed and highly familiar in any point of dispute, and this is not the opinion of the Bishop Fellaya, but the representatives of the Holy See. This is very important, so you were aware of the weight issues doctrinal.

Roman negotiations not ended, however, successfully. Bishop Fellay said even that caused a lot of frustration, because at no point does not consent. Representatives of the Holy See said that all the views of the delegation of the fraternity are compatible with Catholic teaching (at least the us not denied!), do not ye against any specific allegations, but at the end of the debate on each of them said that, however, the Fraternity must accept their — i.e. Roman — the view. However, on our part, this is impossible, as contrary to the principles of logic. Logically bright man can accept either one, or both. And this ended the talks. The whole documentation shows the Holy Father. Then the Bishop Bernard Fellay, Superior General of our Brotherhood, was invited to the Vatican. 14 September last year presented to him. a preamble followed by a text doktrynalny, the signature of which we are asked. The preamble is much more conservative, more traditional than the earlier Roman proposals to various meetings, which eventually came under the kuratelę of the Commission Ecclesia Dei.

The preamble doktrynalna is, however, very serious defect, since it does not take into account our concerns and requires a positive approach to what is for us absolutely unacceptable, while at the same time notes that all this must be read in the light of an immutable, a centuries-long Tradition of the Church. The Superior General has received this document and then called on 7 October 2011 to Albano meeting higher superiors SSPX. After the meeting in this environment has made a reply in which he refused to accept the proposed text and other text has doktrynalny that the fraternity would be ready to sign. A few weeks later, in early December, Rome requested written comment. Bishop Fellay replied by letter of 18 January 2012, explaining our position and the idea that it contains everything they always Fraternity that takes the entire Catholic Tradition without exception, but also that rejects what ever recognise the serious errors which penetrate into the Church by Vatican II.

Letter from Bishop Fellaya was being discussed in the Congregation of the Doctrine of the faith and 15 March 2006 we received a reply from Rome, which wprawiła the Superior General in some embarrassed smiley. The cause was that Thaddeus has drawn from the January letter erroneous conclusions by assigning us views, never wyrażaliśmy, for example — but not so kategorycznych words — that reject everything that happened in the Church after the 1962 There was obviously nothing to do with reality and go via nearly in the direction of making allegations of sedevacantism. Bishop Fellay was asked to reply within one month, he warned. It is the capital Of Denmark has released a press release, stating their wish to avoid a split and its consequences. In response, which was passed in mid-April, Bishop Fellay explained, as indeed is the position of the SSPX and the Congregation has identified these explanations as “more satisfactory” and announced a shift of their Father the truth, which also happened.

Therefore, Bishop Fellay not signed any declaration presented him doktrynalnej, nor the same not released any new declarations; the only did, it responded to the allegations on the part of the Congregation of the Doctrine of the faith, prostując wrongly attributed us views and making explanations — that and the Brotherhood believes about Vatican II and that in terms of reduced the Magisterium — and sprostował the view that Archbishop Lefebvre, everything is completely rejected. If you recognise the sovereignty of the Pope, this also we throughout his teaching, which is consistent with the tradition. Always so twierdziliśmy. Incorrect are so formulated as anonymous allegations that Bishop Fellay anything signed, that when our relationship with Rome, that removed some points of our position in the field of the proclamation or defend our faith. Nothing that has not taken place, this is not true in this respect nothing has changed! And now we are waiting for the decision of the Pope.

There are two possibilities. The Holy Father concludes that our response is insufficient — and we shall return to the doctrinal discussions. What specifically is, that none of us knows. We do not know whether we will once again speak with representatives of the Congregation of the Doctrine of the faith, continuing with the discussion. We do not have the concept. If so, nothing will change, our status will then be exactly the same as it was in recent years. We will wait and continue our work in defense of the faith. The second possibility is that the Pope finds that our answer is sufficient, that takes us — in accordance with the words of Bishop Fellaya — such that we are, without any changes, all of what we are and what we are. If so, should the Pope accepted the explanation of the Bishop Fellaya, the question of the doktrynalna would be in this respect. But this must not yet be reflected in practice. Because if the Pope will give his placet, at głosimy, then there will be a next stage of very hard work, namely the creation of legal instruments, to give us the proper status, for example. the world of the diocese or something similar. In this case have already been some proposals, but — as you probably well know, and especially lawyers — all this is about even the ultra fine details. See, therefore, that this requires a lot of prudence, that cannot be allowed to theoretical statement “we was”, in practice, proved their own contradiction by applying to the fraternity’s legal form. The case of the agreement of Rome would have to again be postponed.

In July, the brotherhood of St. Pius X is waiting for the General Chapter. If it was then known, the decision of the Pope, the participants in the General Chapter would skew over proposed changes to the statutes and their adjustment to the proposals of the Holy See. The proposals, which would take into account all our requirements, among others. for full independence from local bishops — Bishop Fellay clearly indicated. Dependence on episkopatów would mean for the brotherhood of death. Each perfectly understood. So we must have well developed, the legal guarantee further, free of our apostolate. This will be very complicated, because the situation there is no precedent in the Latin Church. In the field of law will have some similarity to the Churches of the East — not I would, however, now roztrząsać this problem. Anyway, do you have a picture of the situation and you can see that from our website nothing has changed, on which you can find confirmation in the recently published an interview with Bishop Fellaya for portal DICI.

On the occasion of even one valid on. Probably each of you received the information about the exchange of letters between Bishop Fellayem and three other bishops of the fraternity, who warned of the Superior General that the agreement of Rome can be a dangerous trap. The three bishops wrote that if you want to maintain a Guild, you must first obtain the agreement he otherwise narazimy to great danger. In this letter the Superior General to respond to its letter; both were published. These lists were to remain secret, as is the internal correspondence within each institution. Unfortunately, they were discovered, becoming the subject of speculation and “scholars” analysis of people who all have on the meagre concept.

In this situation, it is important to know, that the Brotherhood from the beginning, yet since the abp Acted until the present day there are two groups that differ in perceptions of problems related to the crisis in the Church — and that this is the case, certainly is the word the will of God. The first group of approaches to problems, you can rzec, ‘ mathematically ‘. Its members are looking at the question of the preservation of our Catholic faith in an objective and remind us about its maintaining. I would say that this is in a sense abstract — analyse some text, an encyclical, some event and comment on them, noting that this, this and this are the opposite of faith that this is modernism, and this is another false philosophy, etc. The recognition of the “mathematically” is the most objective, because we need these documents and analyze events, know, what are the actual views of their creators. Here the emphasis is on comparing the claims or other dostojnika of the Church of the ancestral, of the Catholic faith. And when it recognises the incompatibility, is our position strengthens — in the sense that the more we have to pouczać the faithful, to retain their faith, not to popadli in solid errors is like sofizmatami, behind the false arguments. And this approach is legitimate and extremely important. Often present them theologians and teachers seminars clerics who have little contact with the world, but whose main field of activity — I am not saying that the sole and exclusive — is the analysis of texts, analysis of what has been said and written. And this aspect is absolutely important, but is not the only one.

The second group in the Brotherhood are missionaries — those who were sent into the world, and have primarily care for the salvation of souls, how to reach people and their issues. They wonder how this treasure of the Catholic Tradition does not only preserve intact, but also pass any possible methods — such as that now before You stands and wonders of this problem every day, having to deal with multiple people. His picture of the situation is somewhat different. It deals with notably transmission of truths to others using the theory in practice. He is dealing with people and you may observe how react, how to change their attitudes, as the man who previously was the enemy, slowly becomes a friend.

Here now is the great difference that księża Bishop Tissier de Mallerais and de Galarreta are actually types kontemplacyjnymi — in the sense that retain a minimum of contact with the world. Revealing is that they have never had neither computers nor the access to the Internet, or cell phones, and all your knowledge derive from the books and personal relationships. Similarly, their apostolate was always returned to the Interior of the fraternity, which means that in practice they know only those people who surround them, only our environment.

Our superior general, which under our statutes and with the will of the abp Acted to maintain contacts with the Holy See, of course, comes into contact with people with it. Carefully observe what is happening there, recognizing the changes — what really happened since 2000, from the time of the first contacts with the Holy Brotherhood after his ordination the Episcopal from the end of the 1980s. In the 20th century. And precisely this in its specialisation of Bishop Fellay constantly refers. The change, which took place on the side of the Holy See, is something real and denial of this means denying reality.

Of course, between representatives of the two ways of looking at the problem there is friction. And this is also now, when Roman proposals sees some danger, considering that the ripe moment for them to adopt. At this point, the voice and one, and the second is extremely important. For this reason I am sam at zżymam for those who are similar to us, so we were careful that our faith is in distress, that we cannot expose her to the danger.

And here we come to the most important questions: whether the activities of the superior general expose our faith or not? My faith would be exposed in two ways: positively had me, forced, make do or preach something is in conflict with it — or negatively, if zabraniano me to speak about the dangers that threaten the faith. Not able to warn the sheep against Wolves, would be like a doctor, who may speak only to the patient about how to improve his health, but do it the diagnosis: “Behold here is developing cancer” or indicate the medication. This, of course, would jeopardize the faith. And the Holy Father knows perfectly that the condition sine qua non of those of the Bishop Fellaya and continuously by przypominanym is, we do not find themselves in this situation. We must have guarantees of freedom to preach the faith and freedom of action. Scenarios of further events can be very many. The best that Rome will grant us all right and rejects the soborowe errors, of course, only the man a poor łudziłby that can happen without the intervention of God’s wonderful. In another, najczarniejszym scenario, we see the same traps that skulking about, that just clicked — the us in the middle. Perhaps the reality is somewhere in the middle. And therefore the Superior General has the right to try, if it considers that the situation of the przesila in favour of tradition.

on 5 May 1988, Archbishop Lefebvre also believed that may sign a settlement, but when he saw what happens, the very next day, withdrew his signature. Were it due to the outbursts — but this was everything that Rome could do. And similarly we, if the Vatican proposal proves an upstream, we can simply withdraw. This is for me is absolutely obvious. While not dopuszczam at all possible that any of the superiors was ready to betray the faith and abandon the treasure what we received and from 40 years we are committed to, and sign any text contrary to faith — even about religious freedom. Dr. Paul Milcarek witnessed our determination. Before a few days debatowałem with him in Kraków in auli. Tomé in the monastery of the AXIS. Dominicans, over the issue of religious freedom. And Mr. doctor stated that after receiving the status of canonical, the brotherhood of St. Pius X will have to accept Dignitatis humanae. I told her that it may not be about this speech! We cannot accept what we thought — firmly our position on the ground — for perfidne and harmful to the Church. This would be not only the Act of treason, but also of stupidity.

Everything else, besides what today You said, this is just rumors. Those who suffer from some kind of dependence on sensation published in Internet sites, quickly flow into a trap. They see that Bishop Fellay said this, another Bishop said at another, and now they must narrate and roztrząsać. Unfortunately, no one — neither lay nor fellow priests, nor even the bishops — who trust the Internet sensacjom, will not be free from the bad effects of this faith. See also great that this szumem information are two groups of people who are us nieprzychylni. From the first I heard in May of this year: “at this time, Bishop Fellay resides in Rome, Italy, to establish a certain agreement.” The usual lie. I was then in Rome and I know. Simply lie. The other party, not less dangerous, are sedewakantyści who do not have too many believers, seek to acquire them among Catholics associated with the society of St. Pius X, adopt, they also very similar strategy, przekłamując, exit from the context of expression Bishop Fellaya and seeking to show him as a traitor of the Catholic tradition. This attack is to zdestabilizowanie of the fraternity and therefore cannot be underestimated its importance.

I have no insight into the intentions of our superior general and not snuł — how different the Internet “experts” — further scenarios of events. One I’m sure: If we save the treasure, which gave us the Archbishop Lefebvre, if only we will preserve our faith, the adoption of the Rome proposals could have very good results. The announcement that I have seen with their own eyes, participating in the World Congress of Fatimskim organised by ks. Nicholas Grunera — I was about this in the article initial newest number “Always faithful”. It was then that it became clear for me that Bishop Fellay is not marzycielem that will not zwieść Rome uśmiechom — what some him, they allege. I have seen people who actually seek the truth, who only wait, we have accepted the status of canonical and really want to get to the Catholic tradition. Have the desire for truth, because so little it received; see the fall of life spiritual in dioceses and monasteries and seek remedies. Their very desire, but few of them know.

To this group of people interested in the Tradition we could operate with greater freedom, and a new impetus to the Church of the great good. If in our przeoracie in Bajerzu, in the retreat that I fell ignacjańskich, which are a great gift from the Lord Jesus, will share the five men, I’m happy and I’m very enjoyed. See, however, that many obficiej faithful could derive from the ancient Traditions, should be the same retreats to proclaim well klerykom in seminars, duchowieństwu diecezjalnemu and zakonnemu. And it is this missionary aspect of the subject, this great concern to act for the good of the whole Church are present in all the specialisation of our superior general.

We must, of course, aware of the possible pitfalls so our willingness to help the Church was not used against us, we have not been forced to przemilczeń, to sygnowania its signature misconceptions, because it would be a betrayal. On the other hand we cannot — citing a desire to preserve the purity of the faith — not go outside of the concerns about soiling of hands, for fear of photographers, because then the stracimy missionary spirit, which we received from the abp Acted. And it is precisely in this spirit, we pass the treasure of Catholic traditions of not only our small research, but to all the faithful throughout the world! And if there is such a possibility, if we have freedom of action without injury to the faith, I cannot see the reason why we reject it.

So you can see that the trap skulking about in the US and with one, and with the other hand. And hence our prayer, dedication to the fraternity’s Najświętszemu the heart of Lord Jesus and błaganie of the powerful support of the mother of God to these two important insights — the “math” and missionary — were closely linked, which is also my personal concern. Therefore pray to what so great they claim Bishop Tissier de Mallerais and de Galarreta and many other priests and professors seminars, uzupełniało, zazębiało from the view presented by our superior general and many priests and missionaries — Yes, as always, from the time of creation of the fraternity. Pius X, which thus may exit from these difficulties strengthened and fully ready to assist in the new situation of the Church in its mission. However, if you would happen at the expense of our faith and of any compromise in its field, is that our faith is most important. Then we will have to say non possumus and still wait. And what is referred to as State, this is no longer in the hands of God. We must, however, keep peace of mind. If a Bishop or priest will see only the dark side of the current situation — and sometimes, unfortunately, happens — this is, well, we will have to apply for them. For indeed, in that, to preserve the trzeźwość of mind, these two ways to look at the issue of the crisis is a great complement, and do not lead to friction. And I’m sure that the mother of the Blessed Virgin to us in this work.

Of course, you can wieszczyć the end of Brotherhood, you can repeat that “the Brotherhood is walking in was scattered” that for several weeks nothing from it do not do — but you can also look at it from a different perspective: since there has been so much attack, that is to say that the devil is heavily irytuje, and since the devil is heavily irytuje, that is to say, that has been prepared for us a very great grace. And of these grace hardily please.

*The above was translated using Live Translation.

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