Fr Rostand: Against the Rumors, Part II

In this section of the interview, Fr Rostand addresses attempts to paint Bp Fellay as a supporter of religious liberty, the “doctrine first” objection to a regularization, the extent to which things have changed since 1988, and more…

For Part I, click HERE.

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2 comments on “Fr Rostand: Against the Rumors, Part II

  1. Fr. Rostand gives a balanced and sound out look on the situation.

    Although as to the ‘prelature’ – he rightly states ‘if’ it will help the work of the SSPX? Well that is what we will have to wait and see.

    I think the problem is that there really hasn’t be many serious acts on part of the Pontiff to make a solid act of confidence in his will as wanting to support the work of Tradition. – Anything mention isn’t hardly worth taking seriously.

    I think as Fr. Rostand has said, we have made our position clear. We don’t intend to change, we pray for God to guide the hand of the superior general in this act of prudence which will affect the good of souls both in Tradition and in the Church at large. –

    Our Lady Seat of Wisdom pray for us!

  2. My heart sank even further watching this horrid interview. I honestly cannot believe that this is happening to the SSPX.

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