Martyrology-June 13th
Roman Martyrology-June 13th- on this date in various years-

At Padua, St. Anthony, a native of Portugal, priest of the Order of
Friars Minor and confessor, illustrious for the sanctity of his life,
his miracles, and his preaching. Pope Gregory IX placed him on the
canon of the saints within a year after his death.

At Rome, on the Ardeatine Way, the birthday of St. Felicula, virgin
and martyr, who was delivered to the judge for refusing to marry
Flaccus and to sacrifice to idols. As she persevered in the
confession of Christ, he confined her in a dark dungeon without food,
and afterwards caused her to be stretched on the rack until she
expired. She was then thrown into a sewer, but St. Nicomedes the
Priest recovered her body and buried it on this road.

In Abruzzi, St. Peregrinus, bishop and martyr. For the Catholic
faith he was thrown into the river Aterno by the Lombards.

At Cordova in Spain, in the persecution of the Arabs, St. Fandila, a
priest and monk, who underwent martyrdom by beheading for the faith
of Christ.

In Africa, the holy martyrs Fortunatus and Lucian.

At Byblos in Phoenicia, St. Aquilina, virgin and martyr, at the age
of twelve years, under Emperor Diocletian and the judge Volusian.
For the confession of the faith, she was beaten, scourged, pierced
with heated stakes, and finally being struck with a sword,
consecrated her virginity by martyrdom.

In Cyprus, St. Triphyllius, bishop.

And elsewhere in divers places, many other holy martyrs, confessors,
and holy virgins.
R. Thanks be to God.

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