Fr Rostand: Against the Rumors, Part I

Source: YouTube (interview by Angelus Press)

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3 comments on “Fr Rostand: Against the Rumors, Part I

  1. Columba on said:

    What are the rumors that we should be be against? What (if any) new conditions are part of the recognition? What is the Society’s official position on the Religious Liberty introduced at Vatican II? Perhaps the interviewer will ask these questions in the upcoming videos.

  2. When I first heard that the society had installed a French priest as superior, I (as many others) was quite aprehensive.

    That ended when I had the opportunity to speak with him on a drive to the airport. I still wonder if he picked up on the fact that my conversation with him was actually more of a “grilling” of sorts.

    Any apprehensions were laid to rest. I immediately took a great liking to him as a man and as a leader of men.

    He’s very traditional, but not at all stodgy. Very humble and somewhat shy, but friendly, with none of the old European coldness. At the same time, he’s a very shrewd thinker who is supremely cut out for the role he’s been called to play. He also posseses a good grasp modern communications – something that’s often sorely lacking in the society, especially among the elders.

    Being confirmed by the Archbishop himself, he’s been at the center of the storm since childhood. If there’s anyone who “gets it” it’s him.

  3. Now that’s a good priest!

    Contrast this to the people who are freaking out. Calm, logical, suffused with charity and clarity. *This* is the spirit of the Archbishop, not the ranting of the empty heads on certain forums.

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