AQ Editorial: The “Lefebvrite” Lexicon (or “Lefebvricon”)

By John Grasmeier
June, 2012

Note: The following article first appeared in October of 2006. It’s been edited to apply to the current situation.

As a result of all of the media attention being paid to the current situation between the SSPX and Rome, there has been a great deal of renewed focus on the priestly Society of St. Pius X (SSPX). Journalists and bloggers covering the topic have had to quickly become informed on a subject which many or most had previously known little about.

Due to this lack of understanding, we’ve witnessed a wide range of unusual terms employed by said journalists and bloggers to describe SSPX clergy and the congregants who attend their Masses. We read about “Lefebvrites”, “Lefebvrists” and even “Lefebvrians.” These newly invented nouns are quite interesting – despite the fact that none of us “insiders” know what they mean. We’ve simply been calling ourselves “Catholics” all this time – despite the fact that most journalists and bloggers don’t know what that means.

We do however have our own secret language. Hence – so that journalists don’t appear biased or unintelligent – the following (until now secretly held) list of terms, our “lefebvricon,” is being made available for reference.

Lefebvrestan – The geographic location where traditional Catholics (aka Lefebvrists, Lefebvrites and Lefebvrians) live. You may not be able to find it on a map, but you also may not be able to find any Lefebvrists, Lefebvrites or Lefebvrians.

Lefebvronian – One who allows traditional Catholic values to influence his political worldview.

Lefebvrenomics – The influence of traditional Catholic values on economic systems.

Lefebvrechist – The more activist type of Lefebvronian. The Lefebvrechist is often a more strident adherent of Lefebvrenomics.

Lefebvresque – The traditional Catholic style of building and church construction.

Lefebvrology – The study of traditional Catholicism.

Lefebvrepology – The study of traditional Catholic history and culture.

Lefebvrecology – The study of the traditional Catholic environment and the natural world.

Lefebvriatrics – The field of traditional Catholic medicine.

Lefebvretrician or Lefebvriatrist – A traditional doctor. Which term is used would depend upon state and local licensing regulations.

Lefebvrechiatry – The study of traditional Catholic psychiatric medicine.

Lefebvrozac – Pills prescribed by the Lefebvrechiatrist in order to manage or relieve the stress that comes with being a traditionalist.

Lefebvrotechnics – The study of traditional Catholic fires and explosions.

Lefebvrionics – Traditional Catholic robot building.

Lefebvrephonics –  Traditional Catholic spelling and grammar.

Lefebvrephobia – Inordinate fear of traditional Catholics.

Lefebvrophilia – Inordinate attraction to traditional Catholics.

Lefebvriano – Traditional Catholic Italian cuisine.

Lefebvriolis – Small pasta squares stuffed with traditional Catholic cheese or meat.

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  1. Thanks for all the good fun, Serv!

  2. canadian.tradical on said:

    Don’t forget to cross the Lefebvricon

  3. Since someone had this saved somewhere, does anyone have the economic chastisement thread that was something like 20 odd pages long saved somewhere?

    We should have one of these for Bishop de Castro Mayer, too. Anyone care to tackle that?

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