Lawler still bitter

Because Bishop Fellay used the term “official” Church, Lawler decided now is the perfect time to beclown himself and compare H.E. to the Chinese. I’m not kidding:

How’s your crow going to taste Phil when they’re re-integrated, proving that you (along with Madrid et al) have been wrong all along?

And what’s up with this image of you appearing at the top of your articles:

Are you vying for a gig as a model for a romance novel cover?

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3 comments on “Lawler still bitter

  1. Lawler and Mirus feed off each others ego’s.

  2. Lawler and Mirus have a hangup on Tradition. If you follow Mirus, there can be no objectively knowable content to Tradition, to paraphrase Ferrara. I’ve always respected Phil, though, for his earlier pro-life work, and his willingness to cover homo-sympathizer bishops (although the Cdl. Levada story got a bit muted after his going to Rome). Speaking against bishops is unusual for Opus Dei connected folks.

    I thought Bp. Fellay’s speech was measured, but I didn’t catch the “official Church” comment. What this illustrates is the necessary care to take in speech and even blog polemics as the Society re-integrates. By this I don’t mean muting the issues, but rather, taking stock of the ears of the unsymapthetic brethren. Phrases like “Modernist Rome” and even “conciliar Church” won’t help with conversion, as these come across as “us vs them”. I know from experience it doesn’t work with family and relatives.

    As for Mirus and Lawler, we can take pleasure that the pope doesn’t consult with them in how to engage with traditionalists.

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