Catholic “Test of Fire” Campaign Ad going viral

Just read a News report that CNN is getting around 370,000 viewers. This video has over 1.5 million views at the time of this posting.

HEADS-UP: Come fall, AQ will be doing its part to flush this anti-Catholic, sociopathic, scumbag turd down the toilet – where he belongs.

I know evil when I see it and I have my daughter’s future to think of.

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5 comments on “Catholic “Test of Fire” Campaign Ad going viral

  1. I just saw Greater Glory, whose Catholic message is clear. Are you sure the message of this ad is clear? Is the Faith clear in this ad? Is the ad itself even clear? I mean, the forge image doesn’t go well at all with the ‘building the house’ verbal image. Are we for or against all taxes? What are we saying about jobs–we could get very much clearer there, especially related to the life issues.

    I also don’t appreciate the use of the scatological language in the post here. Could we just leave toilets and turds out in favor of clear language about who and what we’re supporting? Violence of speech does not equal charity or wisdom.

    If this is as good as our Viva Cristo Rey efforts go, we’re in trouble, in my opinion.

  2. I appreciate the correction on my choice of words and will honestly take heed. It’s something I struggle with.

    That said, your post highlights something I’ve noticed among certain trads – the uncanny penchant for overthinking incredibly simple things.

    We have an extremely twisted man leading (what is for now) the most powerful nation on earth. He’s against nearly everything we as Catholics stand for. He hates nearly everything we love.

    Breaking out the magnifying glass and examining the crumbs of minutia doesn’t really accomplsh much IMO.

    For most of us, removing Mr. Maobama from our midst is not complex thinking problem or rich philosophical conundrum. He’s evil – hence he needs to be removed from office at our earliest convenience. If not, things will become much worse for us AND our children.

    It’s good to watch a movie about the Cristeros. It’s also good to learn something from them.

  3. I don’t think you can talk that way about a Democrat president without drawing the attention of the Secret Service. Yeah, printing “Snipers Wanted” under a photo of President Bush in crosshairs on national TV was kosher, but saying “remove him from our midst” about Himself on a website viewed by a few trads? THAT could get you in a lot of trouble!

  4. President Bush in crosshairs on national TV was kosher, but saying “remove him from our midst”..

    I have to admit I’d be overjoyed if he immediately evaporated into a gaseous cloud and dispersed into the atmosphere – never to be seen again.

    In lieu of that we’ll have to wait until Novembver and vote him away.

  5. Serv, “gaseous cloud” sounds scatological to me…

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