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“Two Errors”: +Williamson’s Eleison Comments 259

Number CCLIX (259)
30 June 2012

Whether or not the Society of St Pius X survives its present severe trial, liberals will keep coming back with false arguments to persuade it to commit suicide. Let us look at two more of them.

The first has come up constantly in recent debates over whether the SSPX should accept some practical (non-doctrinal) agreement with Conciliar Rome. It is simple: a Catholic leader (or leaders) has graces of state from God, therefore he should not be criticized but automatically trusted. Answer: of course God is offering to every one of us at all times, and not only to leaders, the natural assistance and/or supernatural grace we all need to begin fulfilling our duty of state, but we have free-will to co-operate with that grace or to refuse it. If all Church leaders always co-operated with their graces of state, how could there ever have been Judas Iscariot? And how could we ever have had Vatican II? The argument from graces of state is as foolish as it is simple. read more

Jesuit slams anti-Modernist oath and affirmations of orthodoxy

Church Loyalty Oaths Revisted
Posted at: Friday, June 29, 2012 11:14:41 PM
Author: John Coleman, S.J.

I am doing something of a spin-off on Michael O’Loughlin’s blog about tough questions in Oakland. My concern is less the debate between Bishop Cordilione and the Board of the Catholic Association for Gay and Lesbian Ministry but rather the disturbing and growing recourse to ecclesiastical loyalty oaths.

I am not, generally, much of a fan of loyalty oaths of any kind. I remember still, with a shudder, the awful McCarthy period and the House Un-American Activities Committee and the harm they did to innocent people and the way they sowed as much suspicion and fear of outsiders as any real patriotism. In the end, the loyalty oaths of the 1950s probably did more harm than good. Most of them got knocked down by the Supreme Court or other federal courts in the 1960s. The courts ruled that if the state suspected a citizen of breaking the law, the burden of proof lay with the state to prove that, not with the citizen to have to proclaim his or her loyalty by an oath. The courts also shot down many of the loyalty oaths because of the vagueness or undue breadth of the language written into the oaths. read more

Fr Schmidberger: “people in the Vatican” have sought to derail regularization

SSPX apparently undecided on agreement

Jörg Bremer, Rome // Frankfurter Allgemeine

…At the beginning of July, a meeting the General Chapter of the SSPX will reflect on this document and the entire process. It is expected that there will be a heated argument about how to proceed.

The District Superior of the SSPX in Germany, Fr Schmidberger, told the Frankfurter Allgemeine that in the matter of the preamble there are “people in the Vatican,” who, against the wishes of Pope Benedict XVI, have poured “new sand in the gears”. But Schmidberger called it as a “good sign” that the Pope appointed on Tuesday the American Archbishop Joseph Augustine Di Noia on Tuesday to serve as Vice President of the “Ecclesia Dei” commission. This commission is responsible, under the umbrella of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, for the dialogue with the SSPX. Di Noia should advance the situation according to the intent of the Holy Father, Schmidberger believes…. read more

1789 within the SSPX?

“1789 within the SSPX?”
96.30.12 // RORATE CAELI

From the July-August issue of Apostol, the newsletter of the priories of Frabrègues and Perpignan (Languedoc-Roussillon, France) of the Society of Saint Pius X (FSSPX/SSPX).

Dear Faithful,

You are the salt of the earth. But if the salt lose its savour, wherewith shall it be salted? It is good for nothing any more but to be cast out, and to be trodden on by men. (Mt v, 13) read more


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What is happening at Medjugorje?

What is happening at Medjugorje?
June 29, 2012
by Howard Kainz

Last week I received a mailing from Caritas of Birmingham, in Sterret, Alabama. It was an invitation to come to the four-storey Tabernacle of our Lady’s Messages at Caritas, where a visionary, Marija Pavlovic Lunetti, is slated to receive five messages and apparitions during the 2012 gathering from July 1 to July 5.

Caritas is a group devoted to the Medjugorje Marian apparitions in Bosnia-Herzegovina. It is a continuation of international devotional interest in a phenomenon beginning on June 24, 1981, when six young people said they had received apparitions from the “Gospa” (Madonna). I’m not sure how we got on to their mailing list. Possibly a relative submitted our name and address. read more

French President backs homosexual adoption, marriage redefinition

France to pass gay marriage, adoption law
PARIS | Fri Jun 29, 2012 8:05pm BST

(Reuters) – France’s new Socialist government is to legalise marriage and adoption for same-sex couples, Prime Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault said on Friday, reflecting a shift in public attitudes in the majority Catholic nation. President Francois Hollande, who took office last month, had pledged to legalise gay marriage and adoption during his election campaign but had given no time frame. Since Hollande’s Socialists won an absolute majority in parliamentary elections two weeks ago, the conservative UMP party, which had opposed the measure under former president Nicolas Sarkozy, can do little to stop it. read more

German press: +Müller to head CDF

29th June 2012 20:00
Bishop of Regensburg Gerhard Ludwig Müller is new prefect of the CDF

Evidently the die is cast. The Regensburg Bishop Gerhard Ludwig Müller is, it seems, the new prefect of the Congregation, according to the reports of several German newspapers. Official confirmation is but a matter of time; can report that the news of this important decision should be announced to the global Church next week. Bishop Müller is currently active on several Roman committees and will be replacing William Joseph Cardinal Levada. read more


Martyrology-July 1st
Roman Martyrology-July 1st- on this date in various years-

The Octave of the Nativity of St. John the Baptist.

The feast of the most Precious Blood of our Lord Jesus Christ.

On Mt. Hor, the death of St. Aaron, the first priest of the Levitical order.

At Vienne in France, St. Martin, a bishop who was a disciple of the apostles.

At Sinuessa in Campania the holy martyrs Castus and Secundinus, bishops.

In England, the holy martyrs Julius and Aaron, who suffered after St. Alban in the persecution of Diocletian. In the same country a great number were tortured at that time in different ways and barbarously lacerated, ended their combat, and attained to the joys of the heavenly city. read more


Martyrology-June 30th
Roman Martyrology-June 30th- on this date in various years-

The commemoration of the holy apostle Paul.

At Rome, St. Lucina, a disciple of the apostles, who relieved the necessities of the saints with her goods, visited the Christians detained in prison, buried the martyrs, and was laid by their side in a crypt which she herself had constructed.

In the same city, St. Aemiliana, martyr.

The same day, the saints Caius, priest, and Leo, subdeacon.

At Alexandria, the passion of St. Basilides, under Emperor Severus. He protected the saintly virgin Potamioena from the insults of shameless men when he was leading her to execution. He was rewarded for his considerate action, for at the end of three days she appeared to him, placed a crown on his head, not only converting him to Christ, but by her prayers making him, after a short combat, a glorious martyr. read more


Martyrology-June 29th
Roman Martyrology-June 29th- on this date in various years-

At Rome, the birthday of the holy apostles Peter and Paul, who suffered martyrdom on the same day, under Emperor Nero. Within the city the former was crucified with his head downwards, and buried in the Vatican, near the Triumphal Way, where he is venerated by the whole world. The latter was put to the sword and buried on the Ostian Way, where he received similar honours.

In Cypus, St. Mary, mother of John, surnamed Mark. read more

Fr Thouvenot confirms leaked SSPX letter’s authenticity

[Fr Thouvenot confirms leaked SSPX letter’s authenticity]
Jun 27, 2012 by Alessandro Speciale

Religion News Service (RNS) — …A letter by the Rev. Christian Thouvenot, secretary general of the SSPX, to SSPX bishops and regional leaders was leaked on the Internet on Tuesday (June 26). Thouvenot later confirmed its authenticity.

Benedict has actively sought reconciliation with the group since his election to the papacy in 2005. In 2009, he lifted the excommunication of the four SSPX bishops and started doctrinal talks in the hope of healing a decades-old rift within the Catholic Church. The negotiations led to a Vatican proposal that was delivered to Fellay last September. The “Doctrinal Preamble” was aimed at overcoming the doctrinal differences between the Vatican and the group, which rejects the modernizing reforms of the Second Vatican Council (1962-1965), including church acceptance of ecumenism and religious freedom, and its rejection of anti-Semitism…. read more

Bishop Fellay’s Actions
by G. Gilbert
June 27, 2012

I see this matter [of the discussions with the Pope and the CDF] as Bishop Fellay simply trying to do the right thing by manifesting his loyalty to the Pope in practice and not merely in theory.

There is absolutely no incontrovertible evidence (and conspiracy theories by anonymous authors do not constitute evidence) to suggest: (1) Bp. Fellay’s intentions are anything less than honorable and in accordance with what is and should be expected of a truly Catholic bishop; or (2) that he is looking at this problem set in a willfully negligent manner. read more


Martyrology-June 28th
Roman Martyrology-June 28th- on this date in various years-

The vigil of the holy apostles Peter and Paul.

At Lyons in France, St. Irenæus, bishop and martyr. St. Jerome relates that he was the disciple of blessed Polycarp, bishop of Smyrna, and lived near the time of the apostles. After having strenuously opposed the heretics by word and by writing, he was crowned with a glorious martyrdom along with almost all the people of his city, during the persecution of Severus.

At Utrecht, St. Benignus, bishop and martyr. read more


Martyrology-June 27th
Roman Martyrology-June 27th- on this date in various years-

In Galatia, St. Crescens, disciple of the blessed apostle Paul. In passing through Gaul he converted many to the Christian faith by his preaching. Returning to the people for whom he had been especially made bishop, he confirmed the Galatians in the service of the Lord to the end of his life. He finally completed his martyrdom under Trajan.

At Cordova in Spain, St. Zoilus and nineteen other martyrs.

At Caesarea in Palestine, in the persecution of Diocletian, under the governor Urban, St. Anectus, martyr. For having exhorted others to suffer martyrdom, and having overthrown idols by his prayers, he was scourged by ten soldiers, had his hands and feet cut off, and merited the crown of martydom by beheading. read more