Upgrades and Updates to AQ

Some of the recent improvements. If you have any bug reports, feedback etc., post here.

  • Upgraded the new site to a more robust (4g) linux setup.
  • Email Subscription (subscribe by email link at top left) for “News” category.
  • Gave editors (moderators Tim, Tom and ECS) more control over content and users.
  • Installed a WYSIWYG for the comments box so commenters can customize text (bold, italic etc.)
  • Installed a “preview” function for comments.
  • Enabled a memberlist function for anyone with a status of “contibutor” or higher.
  • Added a “share” function (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) at the top of posts.
  • Added functionality that allows users to see recent comments of other users.
  • New users can only comment, not create new posts. To create new posts a new user must be upgraded by a mod.
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8 comments on “Upgrades and Updates to AQ

  1. My computer is not exactly state of the art. Every single time that I visit here my computer freezes.

  2. It might be your browser. Have you tried Firefox?  

  3. My computer is not exactly state of the art. Every single time that I visit here my computer freezes.

    I see that the “Freeze Michael4’s Computer” upgrade is working!

  4. You will get no complaints fro me but just for info purposes the site compared to other sites does tend to complete its downloading much slower than others. It has never locked up my computer though. I am very happy to have it anyway I can get it.

    • The site looks great and is very functional, but you need more than DSL or it might seem to hang. The home page is about 2 MBytes, so it will take 16 sec with 1 Mbit service. There’s a lot of javascript code and text. The beautiful images are only a little more than a tenth of the load.

      I like the calendar hover feature, i.e., hover over a date and see the article titles for that day. BTW, you might want to switch the calendar to start with Sunday before your detractors pick up on it!

      For future enhancements: a trick that would get it closer to the feel of the old site would be to organize “recent comments” by article and expand it a tad.

  5. The extent of my lack of techiness is now further exposed!!!
    Being such a technodork, it took me years just to figure out how to add pictures.
    if somebody could help this posting pipsqueak on that I’d be mucho appreciative!!!
    Also…….am I allowed to post new topics???!!(I know….makes it hard to imagine me even wearing shoes…..let alone knowing how to tie them)…THANKS!!!
    P.S. is there any of them there emocons???!!

  6. Hark the Harold and Catherine Marie:

    For now, I had to take the WSYIWYG editor out since posting this because it was causing other problems. I’m going to try to get another one intalled if possible.

    The good news is that unlike the old forum you can use HTML in posts and comments. Learning how to use basic HTML is super easy – a lot like the BB code we used in the old forum, except it’s much more versitile.

    Here I’ll post a pic using very simple HTML tags:

    The super easy tags for this are a little way down the page in blue and pink HERE

    A few other sites that show basic HTML:



    I plan on adding an HTML practice page or “sandbox” so we can practice.

  7. Thanks Serv!!!
    You da man!!!

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