Fear Uncertainty and Doubt: Marketing Tools in the SSPX Regularization Drama

I have noted quite a lot of FUD (fear, uncertainty and doubt) being flung about in the ethernet regarding the SSPX regularization.

The spectrum of opinions and speculations is quite extensive.

What I find lacking is exposition of some of the more important facts of the situation.

1. Benedict XVI is the Vicar of Christ
2. The Vicar of Christ has in some manner intervened directly in the discussions with the SSPX.
3. In this intervention the Vicar of Christ has asked/ordered the SSPX to accept regularization and has not required comprises on the Faith, Liturgy etc. This is not the same situation as 2000 when the SSPX (under Bishop Fellay) decided to wait for a solution without the risk of compromise.

Bishop Fellay is correct. He has a choice between obedience and disobedience. In this situation, the required course of action is clear. Obedience. Irregardless of all the noise around him.

I agree that what will happen to the SSPX and those Catholics who rely upon it for the Sacraments is not clear. However, it is not wise to place the virtue of prudence on a pedestal while denigrating the virtue of obedience.

Sometimes, we have to trust in our superiors and not echo Lucifer’s non-serviam.

In fact, at this moment when the Pope asks for obedience, do not be surprised that as the SSPX says “serviam”, a greater portion of the Church will be saying non-serviam. For reference see rorate-caeli’s recent posting of Hans Kung.

NB: The assumptions that people are making based on Bishop Fellay’s words in an interview with a liberal news agency are not directly related to the actual contents of an agreement for regularization.

I also find it intriguing the a number of people are freaked out that the SSPX could be regularized shortly after the end of the Rosary Crusade. I guess it is a case of be careful what you ask for when you pray – you might be surprised at the answer.


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4 comments on “Fear Uncertainty and Doubt: Marketing Tools in the SSPX Regularization Drama

  1. I agree totally! Thank you for bringing a breath of rationally to all of this.

  2. I to agree totally and shame to those who don’t. I do believe that there are some people who are trying to stir up a hornets nest. The Pope is the legitimate successor of Peter. Let us roll up our sleeve and help him.

  3. tradical on said:

    Hi Land of irish,

    According to everything that I have read/heard Bishop Fellay (ie the SSPX) is not being required to compromise on the Faith, Liturgy etc.

    As I remember it, in the previous cases you noted, there was always a question of compromise – primarily about the Novus Ordo, but also some aspects of doctrine.

    So, while I agree with your points, as historical facts, in this context some critical elements differ. Whether the end result will be different we won’t know until the regularization occurs.

    Just emailed my family’s rosary totals – but we’re not stopping now – we’re just getting going!!!


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