Hans Küng demands the Pope be deposed for schism if he reconciles the SSPX

Here’s a howler — Wednesday, May 23, 2012
Hans Küng demands the Pope be deposed for schism if he reconciles the SSPX

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FREMDE FEDER · HANS KÜNG: Papst provoziert Ungehorsam | Südwest Presse Online

On the alternative fringe as well as at the official Catholic Church Conference in Mannheim, there was a generally prevailing resentment and frustration over the delay in reforms within the Church. In sharp contrast, Pope Benedict XVI prepares apparently for Pentecost the final reconciliation with the Catholic Church of the traditionalist SSPX, their bishops and priests before anyone. This will happen if the SSPX, who continue to reject the key texts of the Council, are integrated in the church with canonical artifice. Before the Pope does this, he should be warned in due form not least by the bishops.

The Pope would also be definitely included within the Church invalidly ordained bishops and priests. According to the Apostolic Constitution of Pope Paul VI “Pontificalis Romani recognitio” of 18 July (Cathcon- he gets the month wrong- should be June) 1968 the consecration of bishops and ordination of priests by Archbishop Lefebvre are not only illicit but also invalid (Cathcon- see text where Pope Paul introduces new forms of words for consecration and ordination and declares these forms necessary for validity) . This view is that of, among others, a relevant member of the “reconciliation commission”, Karl Joseph Becker SJ, now cardinal.

(Cathcon- it is unlikely that Cardinal Becker as a Consultor to the CDF would take such a unsubtle view that the pre-conciliar form was invalid- although famously the Jesuit founder St Ignatius said, “We should always be disposed to believe that that which appears white is really black, if the hierarchy of the Church so decides”. The modern Church has recognised the Liturgy of Adai and Mari which does not possess the words of consecration, so I am sure that her liturgical generosity will include traditional Rite consecrations. A severe case here of believing what you want to believe as surely HK would welcome the Liturgy of Adai and Mari.)


With such a disgraceful decision by Pope Benedict in his generally lamented detachment be even more removed from God’s people. He should be according to the classical theory of schism be given a warning. Accordingly, a split in the church occurs, not only if you separate yourself from the Pope but also if you separate yourself from the whole body of the Church.

“So the Pope can become schismatic, if he does keep the whole body of the Church in the unity and solidarity which she is owed.” (Francisco Suarez, Spanish Jesuit theologian of the decisive 16-17th century).

A schismatic pope under the same canon law teaching loses office. At least, he cannot expect obedience. Pope Benedict would therefore encourage everywhere the growing movement of “disobedience” against a hierarchy that is disobedient to the gospel.

For the serious rift and strife, which he had introduced into the church, he would have sole responsibility. Rather than make peace with the ultra-conservative, anti-democratic and anti-Semitic SSPX, the Pope had better take care of the reform-minded majority of Catholics and to the reconciliation of the churches of the Reformation and of the whole ecumenical movement. So he would unite not split.

Prof. Hans Küng is a Catholic theologian, and President of the Global Ethic Foundation which he founded. A critic of the church, his Church teaching license was revoked in 1979.

His version of the last fifty years- he has an egotism and determination to set the Church in his own image that makes Martin Luther into a well-balanced normal kind of guy.

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3 comments on “Hans Küng demands the Pope be deposed for schism if he reconciles the SSPX

  1. Hans Kung is lost in the cosmos and evolved from monkeys and garbage. He still thinks NASA landed on the moon and the Foucault pendulum at the UN and the “infinite” cosmos of heliocentrism is for real.

    Communist Manifesto and Revolutions of 1848 – 1848
    Foucault pendulum Pantheon at Paris 1851
    Darwin’s “Origin of Species” 1859

    In general, two permanently illogical bases to these errors are 1. that accidental, coincidental, and efficient causes, efficient causae per se, are of the same priority and nature, and 2. that absolute infinity can be fathomed by parts. However, the cosmos is not infinite and absolute infinity cannot exist in any parts, and no Foucault pendulum has ever discovered a “fixed plane of oscillation” by any of its motions or shown that the earth moves.

    These two “scientific” materialist errors of heliocentrism and Darwinism define the background of everything Hans Kung and modernism are about, and they are simply logically, mathematically, and biologically impossible.

  2. Hans Kung is lost in the cosmos and evolved from monkeys and garbage. He still thinks NASA landed on the moon and the Foucault pendulum at the UN and the “infinite” cosmos of heliocentrism is for real.

  3. Hans Kung and the UN’s intellectual and moral condition may be a question of superficial habituation first and other things second.

    “Mene, mene, tekel, peres,” etc., the flat disc looks like another place the handwriting can be on the wall, for liberalism’s host of heresies, of which significantly heliocentrism and Darwinism are two. Geocentrism is Biblical, Aristotelian, orthodox, and truly and accurately scientific and well supported by many indisputable and powerful facts, all well woven together into a larger overall context of creation and logic, unlike heliocentrism, which is unscientific mumbo-jumbo scam buckets from beginning to end.

    It’s fair to say Hans Kung is in the fold of Copernicus, Galileo, Kepler, Newton, Foucault, Darwin and Einstein, and that way he is most certainly modern and lost in the cosmos and evovled from monkeys, goldbugs, and garbage.

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