Who is really in charge of the SSPX?

Found an absolutely fascinating thread on Ignis Ardens at z10.invisionfree.com/Ignis_Ardens/index.php?showtopic=9446 .

Here is the critical post. It comes from “Dumb Ox” :

The real governing body of SSPX is its priests and its General Chapter.

This is because SSPX is not a legally constituted organization within the Church.

It is merely a voluntary association of Catholic priests without religious vows.

From 1970-1975, in a trial period, it held a very lowly canonical status within the Church that is called a pious union. That canonical status came to an end and was not renewed.

The General Chapter consists of the Superior General, his two Assistants, Secretary General, Bursar General, previous Superior Generals, Bishops, District Superiors, Seminary Rectors, Superiors of Autonomous Houses, and a number of longest-serving priests engaged in SSPX to the ratio of 3:1, so if there are 30 Superiors in office they will be joined by 10 priests of longest-standing membership of SSPX.

The General Chapter meets every twelve years to elect a new Superior General and his two assistants to govern, on their behalf, the day-to-day running of SSPX. It also meets at the half-way point during any Superior General’s term of office, and it could be called at any time in extraordinary circumstances.

A Superior General could, theoretically, act unilaterally if his decision was accepted. He normally confers with his General Council who are elected to help guide him and keep him up-to-date with information that is relevant to any decision making on behalf of SSPX.

A wise Superior General will act upon the advice and decisions of the General Chapter because they put him there to act on their behalf and could just as easily depose him if they had the will to do so.

The reality is that decisions of the Superior General of SSPX are only binding in as far as the members of SSPX allow them to be.

It is a voluntary association that has no legal status.

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7 comments on “Who is really in charge of the SSPX?

  1. “The reality is that decisions of the Superior General of SSPX are only binding in as far as the members of SSPX allow them to be.”

    Um… no.

    Look at who gets to buy, sell, sign for and control all of the SSPX assets. That’ll tell you all you need to know.

  2. So Maximillian Krah is in charge of the SSPX?

  3. lol… good point, but still.

  4. Practically speaking, the Superior General in in charge, but apparently not in terms of canon law. Of course, Rome can wield canon law the way Eric Holder ran Fast and Furious if it chooses to (look at what Fr. Gruner has been subjected to, for example), so practically speaking, again you are more or less right. However, the ways of the world are not God’s ways.

    • The legal entity that operates in the U.S. is set up as any other entity – with officers, annual reports, bi-laws etc. I think it might be an LLC (possibly several for different purposes) but not sure.

      Last I checked, Fellay and his two assistants are the managing members with all of the real estate and everything else titled to that entity (s).

      A lot of trads are talking doctine, Rome, spilts, Bp. Williamson, etc., but they’re missing the above, which is critical in so many ways.

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