The Discussion Continues

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MAY 16, 2012

The discussion continues

The Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith has considered the last response Fellay and the positions of the other bishops of the Fraternity. The next day the dossier on the table of Pope

By Andrea Tornielli – Vatican City – Is what has happened this morning in the “Fair quarta” the meeting of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, is a pause in the way the agreement with the Society of St. Pius X? Apparently not. Although the route has a new difficulty each day. What has impressed the cardinals of the former Holy Office has been the publication of the correspondence between Bishop Fellay and three other bishops.

Parents of “Fair quarta” of the Doctrine of the Faith has decided in this way extract the positions of the three, to be treated “individually and separately.” In these letters, the bishops have left in writing his belief that “it is impossible according to the Rome today” because “after Vatican II the official authorities of the Church have been separated from Catholic truth.” The publication of the letters, who most likely will not want to return in full communion with Rome, has obtained its effect.

At the meeting this morning has discussed the requests for clarification expressed by Fellay and the changes proposed by it to the final text. Several cardinals would have preferred the preceding text prepared by the Congregation, have raised objections and given their votes with reservations. The result of this discussion will be given fluid after tomorrow probably by Cardinal William Levada, Prefect of the former Holy Office, Pope Benedict XVI. The opinion of the “Fair quarta” is not binding, the Pope, who may examine the individual sentiments of individual members, may decide in full autonomy.

Observations of the cardinals will be communicated to Fellay in person, to prepare the final text of “doctrinal preamble” whose signature may ratify the return in full communion of the superior of the Fraternity and priests follow him. It is said to be a long time, although there is still some difficulties to overcome. Will have to wait to see what will be the final decision of the Pontiff. In recent times has released an indiscretion by which Benedict XVI has been reported as a preventive of requests to amend the preamble to the same doctrinal Fellay has sent him informally. These informal contacts would have reassured the superior Lefebvrian substantial agreement on Ratzinger and would be the source of the latest public and private statements made by Fellay in person recently, which has repeatedly stressed the importance of the Pope’s call.

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