Still building and getting the bugs out.

Just a heads up in case anyone is wondering why things still get funky every now and then. Still getting the bugs out, adding stuff, taking stuff out etc. Looks like we’re well on our way to a new home. Most of the members are telling me that they like they REALLY like the new digs once they get used to it. I didn’t at first, but now I’m just loving nearly everything about this.

Nevermind that it’s made nearly ALL of our tech issue disappear, this paltform just looks, feels and acts like we took a giant leap forward. Thank you God.

If you have any bug reports, feedback, questions, suggestions, compliments post them here… I’ll check back from time-to-time.

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29 comments on “Still building and getting the bugs out.

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  2. Ah… I see you got the old “vbhf gkopplr srungy” bug.

    I’m working on that.

  3. Unfortunately, I don’t have an instinctive feel for these kinds of things. A couple of questions:

    1. Where do I find out how to post an article?

    2. Is there a place where non-registered people can send you an e-mail directly?

    (3. Will private messaging between members still be possible?)

    • 1 Up at the top left where it reads “New” with a + sign next to it.

      2. Not yet, and that’s a good thing! At least for now. Of course I’ll evertually have to break down and put the “click to annoy” contact page back up, but I’m enjoying this right now.

      3. After reading your post, I realized that there is no private messaging function. Duh.

      I’ll put one in ASAP. Stand by.

      Thank you for that.

  4. Private messaging installed. It’s up at the top right of the homepage.

  5. It would be nice if the old posts would be archived somewhere online. I really enjoyed going back to reread some of the stuff in the “Impending Economic Chastisement” thread. One of the downsides to the blog format is that it is difficult to keep a thread alive. A better format, in my opinion, is the old USENET news format. Which really wasn’t tied to the server but to the software that was used on the client side (i.e. the reader software). The user had more control then over the layout. One of the problems with all http/html-based social platforms is that the users are tied to whatever format the administrator chooses. USENET also had many problems (primarily the complete lack of any central control over the content). So while blogs/boards/forums/etc solve that problem, they haven’t yet gotten to the point where the user has control over the layout. So I guess that would be the ideal — the administrator polices the content while the user has control over presentation. I think the browsers are working their way in that direction but they are not there yet.

    What were you using for the old forum? It looked like an old version of an opensource bulletin board. I forget the name of it. I’m surprised that there wasn’t an upgrade path for that. It seems like you were implying that the problem was partly software and partly hardware so maybe the upgrade path involved hardware upgrades that you were unwilling or unable to support. I’m sorry that it was not possible to smoothly transition to a new platform. But hopefully you will still retain most of the membership and maybe this incident will be an opportunity for new members to join and banned members to rejoin. It could very well be an opportunity for a nice growth spurt for Angelqueen. Good luck!

  6. Where are our smileys? And more importantly, is there any possibility of implementing a “preview” function? I’m still a bit uncomfortable about hitting “Submit” before having a chance to check my post as it will appear online.

  7. Sorry Glornt, no smileys for now – I’m missing the dancing banana already.

    The preview button is about a inch-and-a-half above the “publish” button when your creating a post.

  8. Just suggestions, but I would make the title banner on the top left a little bigger (“for purity and Tradition” is kinda small), and maybe reduce Our Lady’s “glow”? It obscures her features a bit. Also think the text in the comments could stand being a font size larger for those of us who don’t have great eyesight.

    That said, it looks great – especially the homepage, which is a huge improvement over the old site look.

  9. Hi serv, is there a way you can make it so when someone adds a comment to a thread it bumps the thread to the top?

    Thank you!

  10. Hi, Servitium

    I don’t contribute here very often, but I check this site almost daily and have learned a LOT over the last 5 or so years. Thank you for finding a way to continue.

  11. Catherine,

    One disadvantage is that this platform doesn’t bump the very active, controversial threads front and center.

    One advantage is that this platform doesn’t bump the very active, controversial threads front and center.


  12. Good luck with your new format, Serv….don’t know what I’d do without Angelqueen!

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