SSPX Mass – Over 800,000 views on YouTube

It’s said that it’s not good to apply the modern world to tradition, but it IS good to apply tradition to the modern world.

The singing is other-worldly.

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3 comments on “SSPX Mass – Over 800,000 views on YouTube

  1. When did this Mass take place? The headline reads “over 800,000 views”….is this recent?

  2. Oops, never mind. I clicked over to YouTube and read the information I was looking for. This was SO beautiful, thanks for posting it here. I noticed one of the first comments on the YouTube site was praise and blessings on the FSSP. I wonder if that commenter didn’t know this was an SSPX Mass? Either way, I love and admire the FSSP and SSPX equally, just curious about that one poster. I’ve participated at many Masses at St. John Cantius in Chicago and a few with the FSSP, but this particular video overall and the Mass in particular was just so elevating and gorgeous. I’ve Bookmarked it for myself ~ thank you.

  3. And then, just when you thought it was safe to venture out of the Traddie ghetto, you get this from the former archdiocese of Cdl. Burke, one of the “good ones”:

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