Cardinal Archbishop Wants His Seminary Run by the SSPX

Cardinal Ranjith wants his seminary run by the SSPX
Kardinal Ranjith will sein Priesterseminar der Piusbruderschaft übergeben › Katholisches:

The Archbishop of Colombo, Albert Malcolm Cardinal Ranjith Patabedinge would be ready to entrust the management and training of the seminarians of his Archdiocese to the SSPX. Such a step, according to the Cardinal would be possible if the SSPX is accepted and canonically erected. The The Cardinal expects this project to improve training of future priests. The reports come from the Roman Rite website Messa in latino.

The District Superior of the SSPX in the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg, Father Benoît Waillez made this known in a sermon last Sunday. He stressed that the motives, concerns and arguments of tradition begin to spread in the Catholic Church.

Cardinal Ranjith Patabedinge was appointed by the Pope as Secretary of the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments of the Roman Curia. Since June 2009 he is the Archbishop of Colombo in Sri Lanka and was made Cardinal in November 2010.

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5 comments on “Cardinal Archbishop Wants His Seminary Run by the SSPX

  1. This is HUGE! Just think how the canonical recognition of the SSPX can truly begin to affect the whole Church!

    God bless Pope Benedict XVI and Bishop Fellay for their determination to come to a full recognition and union in spite of the odds and pushback.

  2. Yes, it is HUGE! Pray that Bishop Fellay and Pope Benedict XVI can rout out all the wolves howling, snarling, snapping, and frothing at the mouth all about them……..
    What glory the SSPX will be able to restore in the mystical body of Christ….Restore al things in Christ…..Awesome how they are doing it!!

  3. Let us not forget those traditional priests such as those at (SHF) who have labored in anonymity (without official recognition) throughout these many years. Can anyone imagine what these priests have been through? At the same time, instead of piecemeal solutions, let us hope the HFestablishes the correct juridical structure for Tradition.

  4. I’m starting to like Cardinal Ranjith more and more.

  5. Not to be a stick in the mud but why doesn’t the Cardinal use the FSSP priests in his seminary? Probably because it is unrealistic. Talk is cheap. Let’s see some real action. Let’s see the Vatican clamp down on the bishops who are constantly putting obstacles in the way of the FSSP and ICKSP. Let’s see a true traditional bishop consecrated. Let’s see not only retired priests (with nothing to lose) criticizing VII but also bishops. I really don’t expect any dramatic changes regardless of an SSPX deal until the Pope consecrates Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. After which Russia will be converted and will become an instrument to convert the whole world to the Catholic Faith (in all its traditional glory).

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