Bishop Fellay talks to Catholic News Service – Part I

Traditionalist leader talks about his movement, Rome

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5 comments on “Bishop Fellay talks to Catholic News Service – Part I

  1. Thanks for posting this. It does seem Bishop Fellay’s position has evolved in a very short period of time.

  2. Columba on said:

    Bishop Fellay says more than once in the interview that the talks changed his viewpoint on Vatican II.

    • Yes he does. His position has basically “evolved” from errors in the documents to errors in interpretation, withing an extrememly short period of time. To me this does not look good at all

  3. The “talks” were an ambush from the get go. The liberal media does whatever it can to defame Traditionalists and with all the help they got from the liberal Vatican insiders who have been party to these “talks” this has been nothing short of breakfast in bed for them.

    A pig’s breakfast to be sure. But they did for Levada & Co. what their counterparts in the American MSM have willingly done for the White House since The One got there.

    No sense wasting too much brain power or time on the inevitable result, now.

    How to deal with what amounts to a disrupted Trad front line is much more deserving of our efforts in the days ahead.

    • Indeed, Gordon, indeed. Fr. Cekada has all but put up signs with his picture outside of Post Offices, dressed up as Uncle Sam!

      He is doing a land office business over at Indignant Gardeners! The bleeps! are in bliss.

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