Posting videos on AQ

We can now post videos. You just have click to get the “embed” code from Youtube or whichever site is feeding the videos, then simply copy and paste the code into any post here. At youtube, just hit the “share” button under the video, then click the “embed” button. Copy the code displayed and paste that into your post and you’re done.

Here is the result:

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4 comments on “Posting videos on AQ

  1. Unable to find the ‘Post Tab’, help please!

    Thanks and God bless U all!

  2. Secretman, you’re good to go.

    I’ve updated your status to “author,” so you can now post.

    Just click the “New” link up near the top right.

  3. Thank You very very much! (want to insert an emoticon here but i don´t know how to do that!)

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